One Week In: The Stonecutters 2014


It was around this time a week ago that we began to get the first taste of the very unexpected Stonecutters Event. By now, all of you will have had plenty of time to mess around with it and figure out what you do, or do not, like about it. Here are my thoughts on the event:

This is by far the best event they’ve released in Tapped Out and in my opinion, surpasses the 2013 Halloween Event. After Easter I had kind of lost interest in the game because it was such a badly executed event that I really wanted to just give up, and only for this blog, I would have.

But now, I’m glad I didn’t, I feel that EA really listed to what the players did and did not want when it came to planning and then implementing this event. Here are just some of the things players wanted that EA listened to:

  • No wheel
  • Nothing is based on chance (Easter Anyone?)
  • A good mix of freemium/premium items
  • It’s an event based on one of their most memorable episode
  • Currency is easier to obtain
  • They went back to the old prize-giving system

All in all, I love this event and it has restored (some) faith in EA’s ability to listen to their players and deliver great game updates. I for one, can’t wait to see what happens next, I’m thinking mini Fourth of July update? Anyway, I’ll keep you posted!


19 thoughts on “One Week In: The Stonecutters 2014

  1. Agree.

    And all prices are doable. 1250points per day is ok. I am currently a little bit ahead, because maybe the 400er last task isn’t possible every day (i got 4 times a 6h hour task, really…)
    I think EA has really think about balance this time.

    • If you haven’t already try trouble shooting turn off and reset your device I had similar issues and did. So worked fine afterward goodluck

  2. Finally the no wheel. I have too many fences that I cannot get rid of from the Easter event. All I wanted was the buildings and characters, that led to spending my donuts :/.

    One I dislike about the new update is certain items cannot be stored. I mean come on seriously??! I reorganize my Springfield every 3-6mo. I don’t mind spending my currency but not the ones I bought with donuts. Ugh! Pretty frustrating.

    I’d also like more land and more items for Krustyland and not just one new item.

    Anyway thanks for the list of what characters is who. I was stumped on the pessimistic one.

  3. im a few emblems ahead of schedule and i didnt visit my friends alot (sorry friends) so its possible to get all prices without your friends. i agree with david on the 6 hour task thing tho. im work from 8am to 5pm so i ussually dont have time to do all 4 quests.

  4. pretty good so far ! dunno if its a glitch or not, but twice now i have had number 1 give me 3 six hour quests consecutivly ?
    makes it kinda rough lol

  5. I try to use my 60 friend (token) visits on the lodge so I get 5 tokens for all of those(all other buildings only worth 1)…but after you stop getting tokens you can still be a good neighbor and visit friends cause they still get 5 tokens for every click you make. Feel free to friend me; JulieLukie

    • I’m doing the same thing. It’s just a neighborly thing to do. 🙂 I feel like I’m not getting as many visits from my neighbors during this event because of the limited number of emblems given for visits. It’s a bit disappointing because I do keep visiting even if I’m only getting money and no emblems past the 60. 😦
      Friend me as well if anyone needs a daily visitor. 🙂

      • I agree if you put an ad to be friend you then at least visit back. Every little bit helps some people may think I’m a jerk for this but I do a weekly servey of how visits me and delete the non visitors Feel free to add me Kountry666

  6. I am loving this update. EA have really surpassed themselves. It’s very enjoyable and the prizes are achievable but there are still premium items as well! Love it!!

  7. If you start a task but don’t finish it before the timer resets it will count as your 1st task for the following day. Not sure if this is supposed to happen but it’s helpful to get a head start for the next day if you keep getting 6 hours tasks!

  8. I think this is the best Update yet, there are Tasks Daily. Not waiting for an update or some one to be doing Nothing before a Task comes about. I am on my Tablet every couple hrs tapping away.
    I’m addicted.

  9. I think this was the update we all needed. The structure of it is fantastic. My only complaint, if I had one, would be that the actual rewards are a bit lack -luster. It’s almost all costumes. But, regardless, I’d rather do 50 events that use this type of format for sub-par rewards than do Easter ever again.

  10. This is a great update. I’m glad EA listened to the players. Even tho I couldn’t play for the first couple of days I still think it’s brilliant.

  11. Much better than Easter!!! Still really struggled to achieve the 1200+emblems a day in order to keep up. Due to a busy work schedule it hadn’t always been possible to keep an eye on it. I am currently on 1800 with just 9 days to go, doubt I will make it but if anyone out there could help me out by adding me as a friend then I might be able to just scrap through.

    Username iz29

    Thanks in advance.

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