Squidport Is One Year Old!

File:Tapped Out Squidport.png

Yesterday, June 12, marked the one year anniversary of the introduction of the Springfield Squidport into our game! Players new that the update was coming soon because the very first expansion was shown off at the EA booth at last years E3 Expo.

Upon it’s introduction, it was the biggest content update ever released for Tapped Out because it included new buildings, characters, quests, decorations, and lots of new land!

Squidport hasn’t had a lot of attention since then, with the occasional exception of an episode tie-in or being mentioned during other quests or events. So, Squidport is due some much needed additions after a year of radio silence and I think that sometime around now would be a good time to do it!


One thought on “Squidport Is One Year Old!

  1. I hope so. I have a long-term plan for my squidport and I’d love to have some more buildings to put there. I’m still loving the stonecutter update tho. Really glad EA seem to have listened to the players and stopped all the random prize generation nonsense! 😊

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