What Happens When I Win Stonecutter Skins For Characters I Don’t Own?

So, there are three stonecutter costumes up for grabs that are for premium characters – Arnie, Disco Stu and Jasper. But, what happens if you win them but you don’t actually own the aforementioned characters? Well, nothing.

The simple fact of the matter is that you will still get them as prizes but they’ll just be put in your inventory. Don’t worry though, if you ever decide to get those characters, you simply go into your inventory and equip that character with their with the skin.

4 thoughts on “What Happens When I Win Stonecutter Skins For Characters I Don’t Own?

  1. I updated simpsons tapped out laat week and since then its been sluggish. Last night it stopped working all together. It gets o the logon screen then kicks me out. Ive uninstalled and re installed but the same happened again. So I bit the bullet and reset my phone, reinstalled just a few items and the simpsons. Same again, kicked out again … any suggestions please.

    • Do you have any memory left on your phone? Sometimes apps tend to run slow if your almost out of memory.

      Do you have a large amount of pending friend requests? If you have any pending friend requests delete them. It’s been proven to both cause and relieve lagging.

      How many items are in your town? The suggested maximum amount is 4500 I think, which includes buildings. If you go over that amount, it has the possibility of lagging your game. If you’ve gone over the suggested limit, a warning would have appeared on screen.

      • Thanks for the help but no, never got the message about a full up town. I was on the game moving a wall and the game just kicked me out. I tried a few times and I got the message that my game was still logged into my other device. I only use my mobile to play the game.

    • Try going on your settings, finding apps, then finding the Simpsons tapped out, click it then click force stop. Hope this helps!

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