This Is Your 2 WEEK Warning!

There’s only just over 2 WEEKS left until the Stonecutter Event comes to an end. According to this chart you should be on 17,500 emblems by the end of today to ensure that you get all ten of the prizes. So now the question is, are you on target to get all of the prizes?


24 thoughts on “This Is Your 2 WEEK Warning!

  1. Hi, does anybody know who I can contact to get my profile set back up on the server. I was kicked out mid game earlier this week and have tried to connect back up. Every time ive tried I got the message my game was still on my other device. Ive reset my phone and reinstalled all my software ( what a pain), but I get as far as the log on screen, I tap the bottom right to play, then my game shuts down. I dont want to start from the beginning again, ive been playing every day for 19 months. Please obi wan kenobi …. you are my only help … sorry just had to put that in.

  2. Just got the stone, have just under 23000 so on track 🙂 much better update this time and everyone should get everything if they play everyday

  3. I’m at 21900 so well on track.

    The Easter event was terrible but at least EA are listening to the players and learning from their mistakes. So much better this time around!

  4. Wayne Tomblin, I had a similar problem at the start of this update and couldn’t play for the first two days. I contacted EA and their advice was to post my problem on the forum that the above link takes you to. I’m not sure what happened or if EA even did anything but 24 hours later I was able to log in and continue playing with no loss of progress. It seems posting your problem is the best course of action to take. Make sure you search the forum for ‘Stonecutter Update Problems’ and post your issues on of those threads. Hope it’s resolved for you soon 😊

  5. 20,410 on my main account. My second account has just 9,064. I think my son is under 1,000. I haven’t had the extra time to run his along with the other 2. I would like to atleast get the money pool on my second account. I need to add friends on it to get to 100.

  6. This was a great idea. I like the riddles and the rewards. If I should have 17,000 points by now, I am 5,000 behind. Every day I logged in and did the quest, but for some reason, the time seemed off on at least one of the riddles. To my knowledge, I did them all correctly. So, how do I make up the 5,000 points I lack?

    • I started a few days late and caught up, so you should be able to too. Make sure you log on and do number 1’s quests. set an alarm so you know when you can do the next one, try to get all 4 done. If you can. start the first one at right at midnight. Do the riddles everyday. Go in to you town periodically and collect your spy cameras, and don’t forget to check Krustyland too! Get as many active friends as possible and visit at least the 20 every day, try to click on the stonecutter’s building, that gives you 5 emblems instead of 1. Stay on track and the most important thins is do all 4 quests every day.

  7. I just have the last prize to get. I have 33,000 emblems. I have enjoyed this so much better than the Easter event. I didn’t get everything I wanted then. 😦 I’m loving this one!! Good luck everyone!! I hope everyone gets all the prizes. 🙂

  8. I am behind! Oh no! Not by much, but, I still wanna get all the prizes! Funny, I played constantly during the last event, but came up short of getting all of the prizes. They were too random. Now, I am behind!

    Figures. Add me! kem1397433

    • Go to and get more friends. Depending on how often you check, each friend is worth up to 18 emblems per day. That my not sound like a lot but having 20 friends is worth potentially 360 emblems a day.

      Please note that 18 emblems per day is the maximum. You will likely get less then that for a couple of reasons. 1) You can only get 60 emblems per day by clicking your neighbors. So after your first 20 friends you won’t get any more emblems this way. 2) The number of emblems you get from your neigbors clicking you decreases with the amount of time it takes you to keep them from spying on you. If you only log in once a day, you will likely get only one emblem perday from each tap. Log in every hour or two and you will get 5 for each tap. 3) Some neighbors won’t tap you and therefore you won’t get emblems from them.

      TL:DR – Get more friends.

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