There’s Only A Week Left!

The Stonecutters event is scheduled to end on July 2nd, which is only a week from today! In order to achieve all 10 emblem prizes, you’ll need to have 27,500 emblems by the end of today. Also, a quick reminder to continue on with the daily parchment riddles, the last of which will be made available tomorrow! So keep on spying on those Springfield’s guys, there’s not too much time left!

13 thoughts on “There’s Only A Week Left!

  1. EA and Origin never got back in contact with me over my corrupt data on Simpsons: Tapped out. So regrettably after 21 months of daily play, I have given up, I can’t get on the game, so to all friends of maddogjedi, I bid you a very sad farewell and thanks for all of your help.

  2. No one ever got back to me about my smithers!!! I still have an error on him for some reason in the town census! !! Please HELP!!!!

  3. I’m not going to get everything this time either. I’ve been playing but with school, work, and family I’m not gonna have enough time. I hope they extend this for another week. I love the game but its so frustrating when u visit friends only to get 60 emblems. Ridiculous. I have 100 friends for a reason. Am I the only one who feels this way?

    • I did have 100 friends, but need to add another 20-40 to replace people who have stopped playing(HINT HINT TAPPERS…MelissaBW.) I agree, the more social players shouldn’t be restricted during events. I’m behind on this event, so it would be nice to have the 60 emblem limit lifted. Maybe if we complain enough, theyll get the hint for the next event?

  4. I NEED MORE TIME! Another week or so would be perfect, I really want all the prizes and I only just got Mr Burns with 5 days to go :/ I’m not gunna make it 😦

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