Another Prophesy Has Been Revealed!

EA have posted a second prophesy on their Facebook page. I can’t remember the exact wording of it but it has something to do with feasting at the Stonecutters table.

The message that accompanied the second prophesy also mentioned that they would be posting one more clue on their page, it has yet to be posted.

You’ll remember yesterday that I posted the first riddle about the ‘Chosen One’, that being Homer.

I have a feeling that they’re pointing people towards the 10 free doughnuts you get of you tap Homer 10 times while he is doing his feasting at the Stonecutters table mission.

I’ll keep you posted!


12 thoughts on “Another Prophesy Has Been Revealed!

  1. EXACTLY !!! Bravooo…they just reveil tha same, that you said, pal :)))
    Thanks for everything and Thanks that you exist 🙂

  2. Don’t know if this has already been figured out but when doing the stonecutters table free donut trick, I got the free donuts plus a statue of jebediah!

  3. Add my friend:


    *Daily player
    *Will visit your town everyday
    *Playing on the stone cutter event

    Add her if you need more FP

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