The Stonecutters Have Left The Building!

Hey guys! After an insanely busy 2 days, I’m finally back, and just in time it seems!

There’s an App Store update available for those of you who don’t know that will remove the Stonecutters event and begin a small 4th of July event.

I’ll have a full rundown of it tomorrow as its almost midnight where I am but I didn’t want to go much longer without checking in with you all! Sorry for the radio silence!


10 thoughts on “The Stonecutters Have Left The Building!

  1. I am angry with EA for 10 days of the Stonecutters event they blocked access from my account due to a computer error they still have not fixed. – as a result I won’t have all the Stonecutters items I would otherwise have obtained, and unless EA will be generous there is no way for me to get those items now the Stonecutters event has gone. And as for the update I still cannot log onto my game so am missing out on the new event. I contactedEA each day and got help only on 2 occassions. They still haven’t fixed I. I am so fed up I am tempted to stop playing TSTO altogether – plus I bet they won’t refund me either!

    • There’s a chance that they may give you the emblem and/or parchment prizes if you explain to them once again why you were unable to obtain them (once the issue is fixed of course) but as for the refund, it being EA, there is absolutely no chance of it happening 😦

  2. I started having issues with game crashing on me during the final week of the stone cutters event but it still let me play . Just got rather annoying, but now since the july 4th update the issue has got worse to the point where I now cant play at all. Keeps saying unable to connect to server and that tapped out has stopped running. Is anyone else seeing this…. please fix asap.

  3. what was the super secret bonus they put out the 2nd to last day? If you got 3000 emblems?
    I got all the parchment and prizes, was just curious what the last bonus was?

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