An Overview Of The 4th Of July 2014 Mini Event

Hey guys! EA have been spoiling us lately in regards to new content. To start things off we were given the Stonecutters event, then a new level and now a mini event – all in the space of a month. EA latest offering, the 4th of July mini event, is packed with new stuff, quests and characters! Here’s an overview of what exactly is on offer this year!

The Buildings

2 brand new buildings were released this year, the Sit n’ Rotate for an astounding $10 MILLION and Giuseppe’s Workshop. The build time for each building varies, with the workshop taking a day and the Sit n’ Rotate taking 3 days. Personally, I like the 2 new buildings because they add a bit of variety to the game and they aren’t premium! The Sit n’ Rotate is NOT limited time and will be around after the event ends (in theory)!

Sit-N-Rotate Tapped Out.png

The Characters

2 new characters have graced our Springfield’s with their presence just in time for the celebrations – Giuseppe and George Washington. Both of these characters are of course tasked and have quests associated with them, which I will talk more about below. While Giuseppe costs cash (and comes with his workshop) George Washington is a premium characters that comes with a Cherry Tree, that’s right he comes with a tree! He (and the tree), will cost you 180 doughnuts, which I think is a bit much for a tree, but still, I bought it because I am a completest and just couldn’t help myself!


The Decorations

No event is complete without matching decorations and this one is no different! There are five decorations up for grabs this year, with a catch – not all of them are available . . . yet! Just 2 of the 5 are available right now – the Lincoln Memorial for $10,000 and the Fireworks Barge for 80 doughnuts. Then, on July 4th, which is tomorrow, the following items will be made available for purchase:

  • American Flag – $5,600
  • Pinwheel Firework – 40 Doughnuts
  • Crate of Fireworks – 60 Doughnuts

All in all, it’s a pretty good offering this time around!

Tapped Out Lincoln Memorial.png


The Quests

There’s a good amount of quests to sink your teeth into this year as almost all of the available quests all have multiple parts! Here are the names of all the new quests:

  • Failure to Launch
  • Happy Independence Day
  • Washington Overtime
  • Declaration of Co-Dependence
  • Ye Olde Cherry Tree
  • Lincoln on Lincoln
  • The Red Rockets Glare Redux
  • Paranoid Android Redux
  • Bring on the Revolution

Above is a mix of freemiuim and premium quests. The full walkthroughs will be available by tomorrow night, there’s a lot to write out this time around! The walkthroughs for last years quests are available from the events page.


The Returning Stuff

Not only were EA generous with long time players, they gave newer players the chance to buy some of last years stuff again. Here’s what came back from last year:

  • Abraham Lincoln (with Log Cabin)
  • Rex Banner (with Nighthawk Diner)
  • All American Apu (Skin)
  • Liberty Bell
  • Lisa Statue of Liberty
  • American Flag
  • Pinwheel Fireworks
  • Crate of Fireworks

Tapped Out Nighthawk Diner.png


So, as you can see there’s a lot on offer this year and who knows what sweet treat you might get if you login tomorrow 😉


8 thoughts on “An Overview Of The 4th Of July 2014 Mini Event

  1. Our Presidents, their decorations and buildings, should not cost. They should be quest rewards. Also, we should be getting donuts once a week for logging in 7 days in a row. 🙂

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