What Would You Like To See For Level 43?


If last years summer update schedule is being followed once again this year, it means that we should be getting a new level update this week! There are a lot of things that I’d like to see added to the game so I thought I’d share some of the ideas with you and then ask what you’d like to see added next. Here are my ideas;

  • Helen Lovejoy with the Lovejoy House
  • Jessica Lovejoy with Springfield Girls Boarding School
  • Maggie Simpson with Springfield Daycare Centre
  • Gas Station with Sarcastic Clerk
  • Just Stamp the Ticket Guy
  • Cookie Kwan with Red Blazer Reality (above)
  • Lindsey Neagle
  • Hank Grimes
  • Dr. Marvin Monroe with his office
  • Ms. Muntz with Hooters
  • It Blows air conditioning store
  • Springfield University with the three nerds

That’s just a few of the things I like to see added at some stage but the list of stuff I could write is endless and I’d be here for a week if I kept going. I just got the first 20 seasons of the Simpsons so I’ll see what else I can come up with while I’m watching those.

What would you like to see added next, you know, other then land as that would require an App Store update!


60 thoughts on “What Would You Like To See For Level 43?

  1. I’d like to see Herb, Homers brother with the mansion, car business and/or the monstrosity of a car that homer created In that episode!

  2. Troy McClure
    All sales vynal record shop
    (being that it’s summer) something in Krusty land or squid port

  3. I’d like 1 button that will collect all the $ and XP from all buildings in your springfield. Also, It would be very nice if there was a building that produced donuts monthly or something as not everyone can buy them,,

    • There wouldn t be much left to do with this button, would there? Instead i prefer a knob to find all characters that have completed a task, for it is a bit of searching to find the last ones.
      But I like your doughnut building idea 😄!

    • I would like to see a way to send everyone to missions at once… Like I want all my characters to do 60 minute jobs but I have to individually select 50 something characters… Maybe I’m just wishfully thinking

      • That’s a great idea. I have every character; somewhere around 100 playable Springfielders. Its a part time job sending them to missions. Collecting them is another challenge, and pt job, of its own.

  4. I would like it to stop crashing every 2 mins and giving me the server error everry single time!

    Apart from that Cookie Kwan

  5. The old Simpson farm
    Malibu Stacy Mansion
    Uter Zorker
    I want the daycare with Maggie too, it would be cool if baby Gerald came with it too.

  6. I’d love to see the celebrity music camp … with the celebrities voiced or not

    I’d love to see Krustyland characters able to walk around Springfield

    Russ Cargill from the movie .. EPA trucks … crazy Eskimo lady … the threat of the dome .. Liam ..

    more skins (non event related) for more than Homer .. Burns and Lisa

  7. Bartman. Venus de Milo candy and an action for Marge where she fills her pockets with candy. You remember right?? She was all loaded up:)

  8. Sorry to post here, but l can’t log in on the TSTO Forum.

    Since the update after the stonecutters event, when l open my game, l receive the message ”sorry, but the internet is not working, try again” and the image with Bart unplugging the computer. Does anyone have the same issue? My internet connection is fine, so what’s the problem?


    • Yes Cris, I also have a hard time logging in since the 4th of July update. I always get Sorry something went wrong . try again. After 4 tries I finally get in. Are you on droid by chance? Apple isn’t having that issue I don’t think.

      • I use an android tablet. I wish we have a message system as in Family guy to report problems to the developers of the game.

  9. I want a previous items sale too. Almost a year and a half later and I’m still bummed about having just had missed the Christmas 2012 event. I want those Mayan items and whatever went with Mr. Burns with the burns/bat symbol..

    • Yeah it would be nice to get some of those items again and not have to pay an insane amount of doughnuts for them. I would gift you my Fruit Bat signal if I could.

  10. I’d ask for more decorations like floor, cobbled streets or muddy patches (free) mayne some basketball nets, I’d like it if they could let us turn buildings and other items as you can with the fences… and I’m loving the donut building idea..that’s awesome!!!
    Also the idea of collecting money with the press of a button!! Cool idea!!!

  11. I wish they’d just add Cletus’s farm, channel 6, and KBBL radio to the task manager in the top left. I cycle through and set all my characters but I often forget to set those three!

  12. the 3 nerds would be amazing. the pig mascot, the dean. cool idea.
    i’d love to see lyle lamply and the monorail.
    and I have only been playing since Xmas, but what about Belle’s Burlesque house?

  13. So many good suggestions here, hope I’m not repeating one, but I’m am really hoping they do an update centered around Radioactive Man. Maybe like how the movie came to Springfield in that one episode, they can do a whole event for that? Or a tie-in to the Bartman and/or Radioactive Man comics, with some new tasks for Comic Book Guy would be awesome!

  14. The rolling Stones Rock N’ Roll Fantasy camp with mick jagger.
    Sand road.
    West Springfield.
    Sand box with gerald samson.
    Moe’s apartment with maggie simpson.
    Judge constance’s houseboat with judge constance.
    Frankie the squaler.
    Springfield public library.
    Springfield mall inside with all the shops.

  15. I would love to see the mr burns casino!! Maybe with gabbo! It would be great for 3 main reasons: 1 finally a new squidport building! 2 could be a new special building like springfield down with a game you can bet. 3 a lot of new tasks for homer, Marge, burns etc!

  16. Moeview Hotel
    Pawn Shop
    MS. Wiggum
    Springfield orphanage with Orfans
    Fiesta Terrace with Bowl Player
    Kentucky Fried Panda
    Krusty Burguer Express
    Bank of Sprinfield
    Donny’s Discount Gas with Donny
    Little Lisa Recycling Plant

  17. Bleeding Gums Murphy and the jazz bar he sang in. Premium will be the old Jewish guy from the retirement home. I can almost see the next update:

    Sideshow Bob & Cecil Terwilliger will be the freeiums. Maybe his kid will be in there too. Premium his wife, parents. The crematorium where Bart was almost cremated will be the building.

  18. I would like to see Gina, she could come with Springfield Juvy, and it gives the chance for Bart to come with another costume too. And it’s another female kid! Need some more of both of those haha.

  19. Finally a site that wants Maggie Simpson! I’ve mentioned on other sites last Christmas. Also Homer’s mom and Herb as Ember commented

    I really hope we get Futurama involved somehow. Imagine involving Number 51, Kang and Kodos

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