Going With The Nuclear Option

I’ve found myself in an impossible position. As I’m sure you’re all aware we’ve been getting some pretty awesome updates as of late (excluding Easter of course) with lots of awesome new stuff. So, I have all of the aforementioned awesome stuff and now I find my current layout is no longer feasible, even if more land was added. So here are my options, I could leave things the way they are now and just shove new stuff wherever they’ll fit or, I could go with the nuclear option and start from scratch again.

If I go with the nuclear option there are a number of things that I need to consider.

  • Do I wait until after the 4th of July update ends
  • Will there be a new level update before I’m done that will throw my design process into chaos?
  • Is there still a bug that could make me lose some premium, no longer available items?
  •  Will I regret it once I’ve started seeing as it’s daunting just thinking about it?

I’m also left wondering as I don’t have a final design in mind right now, should I wait until I do and then start or just go for it and see what happens? I know I’m not alone in this situation with many others facing the same problems but I could really do with some advise on how you think I should proceed.


19 thoughts on “Going With The Nuclear Option

  1. If you haven’t got a design in mind yet, I’d definitely wait. I’d also see what others say regarding the bug with losing certain items. Once the July 4th event ends, maybe you’ll have more in kind of what to do, and also there might be news of a new level update?

    Good luck either way 🙂 hope I’ve helped 🙂

      • It is I decided to 86 most parking stall and shrink blocks damn if I have enough space for the next 10 levels and 4 events. To chloe I don’t know what happend to your account sorry to hear I’m on an iPad and iPod touch . I’ve heard certin devices or goggle play vs. apple may have something to do as well

  2. Don’t do it!! I did it and after I had almost finished placing everything my game crashed. I was locked out for a week and had to get EA to reset my game back to before I nuked my town.

  3. I suggest you wait for the next update to see if they respond to our cries for more land. Till then work on a spectacular lay out for your town leaving areas “open” so there is room for new objects! If you choose to go nuclear you will be safe ,tried it on one of my accounts and happy to report all bugs have been fixed. Happy tapping!

  4. i would wait for the 4th of July event to end, however, as for the town re-building, i pressed the nuke button the other day and i still have everything so it should be safe.

  5. I would screen shot all sections of your land incase you want to recreate what you had before in certain sections or in its entirety. I like the way my main account has grown. Due to events, my second account was forced to grow fast. It is a mess with no space and stuff squeezed in. I may nuke it or carefully put stuff away once the special events are over.

  6. i nuked 3 days ago and have had no issues at all. it seems the previous bug is now fixed and the nuke button works properly as it should now. i have completely rebuilt my springfield now and i’m very happy to report that no premium items were lost and i experienced no problems at all during the nuke process.

    hope this helps you.

  7. It has taken me a whole week to finish my town after NUKE-ING my level 42 town. Unlike some, I started at level 1 and spent £2.99 on the game. Since replaning I bought the 69p scratch card and won 100 donuts 🙂
    I have enjoyed replaning and based my design on a grid plan. On the whole I am quite pleased with the town. The Nuke all option worked great and made it really easy to replan the whole thing. You will find no mater what your first idea is, it will evolve and change into something new. This is because unlike from the start, your not fighting over space. Your not trying to cram it in. Tearing at your hair, wanting the new unlocked buildings of those lowly levels instead of buying land. Dreaming of your next new character and feeling guilty when you spend in game $’s on a couple of trees and a bench. In the early levels I found buying land a waste of a whole days tapping.
    But starting with all the land, all the buildings and 5 million cash ( nearly forgot about the 230 donuts ). It is really easy to build away. Just focus on one building or grid area at a time. Be prepared about spending a few hours a day on it. Don’t let the task overwhelm you. Replaning will provide you with a few weeks of FUN.
    OH, I have three grid areas left empty! Made a silly chess set, lol…..oh, and feeling guilty at spamming EA and whining on about running out of land at level 39!
    Garyt8, allyt8 and beccyt8.

  8. I used the nuclear option on my secondary town and I had no issues. As mentioned before, I’m spending most of my time rebuilding everything, forgetting my principal town ! Anyway, I’m having fun and I’ll have enough room for the Monorail !!!

    • It does but not at the same time. In order to nuke Krustyland you have to travel there and press the nuke button. Doing so will NOT destroy your Springfield. If you nuke your Springfield, your Krustyland is safe unless you travel there and nuke it.

      • Do you lose all your garbage? I have one section full of saved up ooze, propane tanks, and barrels

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