What Feature Would You Like To See Added?

So I decided after like an hour of pressing and cancelling the nuke option, I finally tapped confirm on the final warning and started from scratch.

Then I got to thinking, one feature would make it so much easier to look for things in the store and inventory. I’d love to see both of them have sub categories like in the decorations menu, there would be sun menus for things like trees and flowers and such.

What would you like to see? What new feature would you like added? Share your thoughts below and who knows it might actually happen sometime in the future!


23 thoughts on “What Feature Would You Like To See Added?

  1. Im about to do that to my Krustyland. I would love if you could put those holiday things you cant sell into something else. Even the things you could sell like the 15pumkin patches I had would be great to store them yet not see them everytime I open the “box”.

  2. A multi drag option would be helpful; when you want to move a group of trees for example select the ones you want to move and they all move at once.

  3. I think it would be awesome to see a cash for donuts feature for people who have lots of money and everything unlocked but premium donut items.
    I also want to see them make a Maggie character seperate from Marge.

  4. Good idea, to have sections. Than i would like the roads to open up, t.i. That you can also place items on it. Especially cars of course ( always looking for parking space , pfff 😉), but somtimes also a building just doesn t fit or anything else that you just want to put there. Why are they excluded anyway? It s not real life where roads of course are not to play around. But this ìs a game…
    (Same goes a bit for other restrictions, no palm trees ouside the beach, no towels , some trees only on grassland etc. It is a bit amish- like 😉)

  5. ***multiple item select for moving multiple objects.***
    ***the town census character finder should show how long is left for the tasks characters are on***
    brockman mansion.

  6. One feature i really want to see added is a button that lets you view the whole of your town and screenshot it/save an image of it. I did photoshop together my whole springfield a while back with screenshots but seeing as its ever changing a feature like that would be awesome.

  7. Assign all characters to a timed task – ie – All characters to undertake a 12 hour task.
    A hoover (like the ghost hoover) for collecting money and ending tasks

  8. A shared task for every character, either a day or 12 hours or 4 hours but something where all characters could say go to the kwik e mart so everyone’s all in the same place and completed at the same time

  9. I would like to see a the ability to buy donuts with my cash. I can buy cash with my my donuts, so why not in reverse.

    • I agree but also I would like to have the option to chat with other players as well as see all characters do new jobs.

  10. design 1 character help us to correct all the dollar sign, clear all the friendster visit. make us lot of easier to play or tapped.tq

  11. I agree but also I would like to have the option to chat with other players as well as see all characters do new jobs.

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