The Monorail – What Side Are You On?

EA have been giving us lots of nice stuff lately, even delivering on some of their New Years . . . promises? During the New Years update EA mention that we could get Sideshow Bob as a playable character, something stonecutter related and the monorail.

They’ve delivered on their Stonecutters mention with an awesome event so I’d like to talk about the monorail.

The monorail was featured in an episode with Lyle Lanley, where he successfully convinced Springfield to spend all their money on a new and ultimately useless transport system. The episode also featured two of the four aspiration all buildings currently in the game – the giant magnifying glass and the Popsicle Stick Tower.

So, would you like to see the monorail added? If so, how do you think it should or could be implemented? Would you like a fully functional monorail whizzing around your town or would you just prefer the wreckage of the monorail? Share your thoughts below!


20 thoughts on “The Monorail – What Side Are You On?

  1. Functioning of course !!! I love when they add things we can interact with , but I’d be be happy with just the wreckage as well since I love anything new they give us!

  2. Definitely would be really cool if it was an item you could build like the squidport
    Make your own path however you want, and they could do the railing like the boardwalk pieces.

  3. I agree it would be nice if the railings can be like the boardwalk pieces and it would be nice to have a crashed one aswell.

  4. Wasn’t the escalator to nowhere at the end of the episode as well? Hopefully for Lyle lanley as well, but pretty sure we aren’t getting him…. 😦

  5. I would love it to be functional and then become the wreckage. It was poorly built and was not safe. Do we need a story line about that? Absolutely!!! Then the final result would be having the monorail wreckage left in our towns. The storyline would be an excellent idea. I hope EA comes up with the plan. 😃

  6. The Simpsons Facebook page has recently shown a picture of Lyle Lanley – I am hoping it is a clue of upcoming Tapped Out content! But, yes I would love either Maggie, Lyle Lanley and definitely need more land

  7. I’d like a functioning monorail, especially as I’ve just discovered I’ve made the max number of boardwalk tiles. I’m really annoyed because I had a long term plan for my boardwalk. They need to allow us to build more!

  8. I’d like to earn parts of the monorail after completing some tasks, as in Family guy when getting a costume or character.

  9. I think the thought of the Monorail zipping around over top of our Springfields is just frickin awesome!!!

    Whether or not Sideshow Bob becomes a playable character I could care less—in my opinion,it’s fun when Bob appears in neighbour towns…gives a little something extra to do in friends’ towns & it helps the conform-o-metre

  10. I would love to see fully functional monorail for our towns. Possibly with jobs, like homer can be conductor and others can ride it.

  11. Ok… I’ll premise this with the mention that I’m level 42 about to hit ’43’… Love the game obviously… just want to say that there is nothing more disappointing than getting a new character and he/she has no voice clips at all…. They need to get Joe Mantegna on board for Fat Tony… they need to get Milhouse’s voice in there…. they need to get all those characters with no voices to get in the game….. what kind of legal issues have to be hurdled in order to get Phil Hartman’s AMAZING characters to be added (Lionel Hutz… come on :-))…. Getting ANY of these voices… with just a few fun voice clips added in would be infinitely more appealing than the monorail….

    That being said, love the monorail idea too… of course it would be cool to have it be where you could build track, but if thats the case, how do you do it…. like the boardwalk where you build each piece one at a time? Or how about putting more into krustyland? Whoa… maybe even have the MONORAIL take you to Krustyland!?!?!?!

    GET LEONARD NEMOY IN FOR AN MONORAIL EVENT… I have to believe I’m not the only avid player that thinks that the voices make the game extra fun… all I kept thinking during the stonecutters was that I wish NUMBER 1 was Patrick Stewart (In between listening to them chant the stonecutters anthem)

    Great job going on at EA, but I challenge them to STEP IT UP :-))

    My friends list is pretty full but feel free to try and add me jason_resn549

  12. As long as the monorail isn’t premium. It’d be cool if you had some hubs around the monorail which characters could use to skip long walks across town if they walk past them en route to a task

  13. You got to have the monorail and spock to go with it. Then like others have said you build segments. It would be nice to have to move from station to station. Maybe connect to others players…….

  14. I would love the monorail to come in as a story line. Then after the story line is finished I would like the monorail to stay in It’s broken down appearance. Because it was so poorly built and fell apart on the show. Thats how I would like it to stay in the game. Hopefully EA brings this to all of us in the game.

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