How Long Do I Have To Buy The Yard Sale Items?

The Yard Sale items will be available to purchase up until August 4th 2014 according to the files. I will remind you closer to the 4th in case you’re going to wait a bit to buy some stuff.


3 thoughts on “How Long Do I Have To Buy The Yard Sale Items?

  1. I wont be buying any as too dear and doughnuts why can’t it be money so another . money grabber of ypu buying doughnuts

  2. I play about one year now, and have never bought any donuts. I got them from lvlup, found them while investigating trash or neighbours, got some free, because of long server downs (sic), and got about 250 of them by now. I spend some for my favorite characters like Otto, and the Moleman and now I spare for the Spanish Bee-Man.
    250 – and they really think they can ask a price of 240 or 300 donuts for a single item? This is rediculous. Of course, they want earn money – some. But in this high price range you have to spend 5 bucks for a single house – really?
    If they set the prices to 1/10th of the price – maybe I will even buy some donuts – 10 bucks or so I would spend for the game – but then I want some (not one or two!!) really nice items. For 20 bucks nearly all of them… that would be fair (for bytes! nothing to produce!) and I think they would sell more than they think…
    The last event was really good, the easter event totally garbage,and so most of the events except christmas… They are way to greedy here – and got nothing.

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