Yard Sale Items & Price List

EA have released a Yard Sale update filled almost exclusively with OLD items. Here’s everything that’s on offer.


Mayan Bundle 1

Cost: 300 Doughnuts

Items Included: Mayan Homer, Mayan Marge, Mayan God with Calender


Mayan Bundle 2

Cost: 170 Doughnuts

Items Included: Mayan Homer, Mayan Marge


Mayan Marge

Cost: 90 Doughnuts

Items Included: Mayan Marge Skin


Father Sean

Cost: 135 Doughnuts

Items Included: Father Sean (Character)


Cool Brown House Bundle

Cost:120 Doughnuts

Items Included: Cool Brown House, Cool Homer Skin


Ninja Homer Bundle

Cost: 100 Doughnuts

Items Included: Ninja Homer Skin, Practise Snake (Red)



Cost: 90 Doughnuts

Items Included: Ultrahouse


Helter Shelter

Cost: 45 Doughnuts

Items Included: Helter Shelter


Ice God Statue

Cost: 30 Doughnuts

Items Included: Ice God Statue


Mr. Sparkle Billboard

Cost: 30 Doughnuts

Items Included: Mr. Sparkle Billboard


Gorgeous Grampa

Cost: 75 Doughnuts

Items Included: Gorgeous Grampa Skin


Bare Chested Willie

Cost: 60 Doughnuts

Items Included: Bare Chested Willie Skin


As you can see, there’s a lot of stuff on offer but none of it is for in-game cash. It’s also a bit of a let down for long time players like myself as the only new thing I was able to buy was Mayan Marge.


10 thoughts on “Yard Sale Items & Price List

  1. I was pretty let down that none of these could be bought with cash, but I did some math and figured out I could get the Cool Brown House, Helter Shelter and Father Sean for 300 doughnuts, so I caved and got them. I’d love to see this again, but hopefully with more items you can buy for in-game cash.

  2. I bought Father Sean since that stupid wheel at Easter never let me get it no matter how many times I spun it! Plus got the Mayan bundle I started playing right after the first Halloween event so I missed a lot, hopefully they will do this again so I can got the few things I’ve missed 🙂

  3. like the Mayan package cuz I needed Homer and Marge but they should have put the Mary Hoppins and hugs bunny as 90 % of tappers were left without. Or the casino/indian dude.
    as those are now the only 3 things I dont have.

  4. Would have been nice to get Springfield falls. I missed out on that and got the rest of the items offered in yard sale 😦

  5. Disappointed that none of the items can be purchased with in-game cash. I’ll pass on these, just like I did with all of the July 4th items too. After the Stonecutter event, my bankroll needs a break!

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