Server Maintenance


EA have planned several 15 server maintenance breaks over a four hour period from 1pm – 5pm. I think it’s EST but I’m not entirely sure. From what I’ve read from various sources, they plan on fixing the ”Bart Screen” you see when you try to log in on your first attempt. If I can get an update on the maintenance, I will update this post so be sure to keep an eye out for any updates as I will be posting them as I get them!


10 thoughts on “Server Maintenance

    • thats for people who want to log into another account i think..

      on topic: i thought i was the only one getting the bart thing upon first try. yet i was too lazy to look into it.

      • I have to accounts I wish they had a multi button asking you wich one you want to log into

  1. My Springfield is gone. The game opens and its homer at the beginning. I am not getting bart and an error message. My origin account is not popping up. When I tried to log in it it does not accept it. Any ideas????? I do not want to start over; I am level 40.

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