What Are The Odds Of A Level Update This Week?

So last week came an opportunity they’ve be hoping for – a chance to buy at least some of the old limited edition items. Granted, the prices for most things are ridiculously high, EA can always say they gave players a chance.

However, it was a bit of a let down for long time players who probably, like myself, had most if not all of the items currently available. It’s also hugely unfair on freemium players as there are no cash items available for purchase.

With that being said, I’d say there’s a fairly reasonable chance that we see a new level update this week. At the very least, EA could add some cash items to the yard sale. What are your thoughts?


8 thoughts on “What Are The Odds Of A Level Update This Week?

  1. Ditto, I’m bored with the game. I have over 80 million dollars and can’t buy anything,. I have purchased all the land and boardwalk available and had to put a lot of stuff in storage to make room for the new items. Krustyland is boring as heck…. don’t even go there anymore. Please do something to keep us veteran players interested!!!!!!

    • 80 million. Damn. I’m closing in on 20 million, but I’m glad I’m not the only one still putting characters into tasks to build up the bank.

  2. yes a let down didnt even buy the items and so hopefully a better level thats all EA want is money so you buy more doughnuts not from me fed up of that I rather buy with the money i save up in the game

  3. I’ve been looking at what characters seem likely to be added in future updates and there seems to be still a lot of characters:
    Akira (+Happy Sumo Restaurant),
    Artie Ziff, Benjamin + Doug + Garry (+Springfield University),
    Brunella Pommelhorst (S.Elementary Coach),
    Lunchlady Doris,
    Dr.J Loran Pryor (S.Elementary Psychologist),
    Charlie (+Nuclear Plant Main Gates),
    Cookie Kwan (+Realtor Office),
    Database, Janey, Lewis, Richard & Wendall (S.Elementary Students),
    Frankie the Squealer & Johnny Tightlips (+’Abandoned’ Warehouse),
    Gil Gunderson,
    Helen Lovejoy (+Lovejoy House)
    Judge Constance Harm (+Houseboat)
    Lindsey Naegle
    Lois Pennycandy (+Krusty’s Trailer) (Krusty’s Assistant),
    Lurleen Lumpkin (+Redneck Bar)
    Dr.Marvin Monroe (+Office)
    Martha Quimby (+Quimby Manor)
    Mr & Mrs. Prince (+Prince House)
    Mrs.Glick + Crazy Old Jewish Man,
    Rabbi Krustofski,
    Ruth + Laura Powers (They lived in the Brown House in an early season)
    Sam + Larry (Barfly’s)
    Sarah Wiggum,
    Uter Zorker,
    Lowbrow Guy (Bald guy with monobrow/seems to work everywhere)
    Herb Powell,
    Jacqueline Bouvier,
    Lionel Hutz (+Office)
    Troy McClure (+McClure Mansion)
    Jacques (French Bowling Guy)
    Gabbo + Ventriloquist (+Burns’ Casino for Boardwalk)

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