Here’s What Was Added With Level 43


Princess Penelope




Duff Beer Fountain – 10 Doughnuts

Poochie Balloon – 1000 Tickets

Itchy Balloon – 30 Doughnuts

Scratchy Balloon – 1250 Tickets

The level 42 Itchy and Scratchy billboard was also added to Krustyland



Unoriginal Log Ride – 75 Doughnuts

Tavern on the Scream – 1500 Tickets

One Plate Maximum Buffet – 40 Doughnuts

Krusty’s Giant Wheel – 4000 Tickets



500 Tickets – 9 Doughnuts

1500 Tickets – 25 Doughnuts

5000 Tickets – 70 Doughnuts


11 thoughts on “Here’s What Was Added With Level 43

  1. Wow, I got way too excited and read that tickets section as “For 5,000 tickets, you receive 70 donuts” and not the other way around.

  2. Also, all my characters are in 12-hour quests, but I heard something about more characters can come over to Krustyland. Would you happen to know who the new ones are?

  3. Wait I saw that exchanging the tickets for donuts, how do I do that? Or do I have to wait for a certain building to finish being built.

  4. Th game keeps glitching, when it tells me to plant 10 flowers I do but it says that I haven’t so I waste like 1,000 pound for nothing.

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