The Tale Of A Crappy Mystery Box

I got my weekly mystery box today and I have to say it was particularly crappy this week. Here’s what I got;

Mystery Box > Mystery Box > Mystery Box > Angel Topiary

All that hope of something cool like doughnuts dashed by a crappy angel topiary. Have you ever had something like this happen to you? If so, what did you get in the end?

Side Note: I’m just finishing up on the simpsons at comic con and I’ll publish it tomorrow, stay tuned for that!


16 thoughts on “The Tale Of A Crappy Mystery Box

  1. I feel your pain.. Every mystery box I have ever gotten has been 3 things and they just rotate, I either get fences, parking lots or the newspaper stand. Yesterday it was another newspaper stand.

  2. My worst (and usual) prize is either fencing or a parking space. BUT, I have been delightfully surprised on a couple of occasions when I’ve won the Homer Buddha. Each time I scored – once with Frink’s lab and another with the squeaky-voiced teen. So, good things can happen 🙂

  3. I get a stupid fence of late, or parking lots, or trees (lol) or newspaper stands…

    I have hope though since I’ve previously gotten the squeaky voiced teen and the lemon tree.. one of my friends got frinks lab so… Every prayer that my day (for something premium and great) is coming soon!!!

  4. Mystery Box > Mystery Box > Mystery Box > Newspaper stand 😦
    On the happy side though I did once get a Homer Buddah which gave me the Squeaky-voiced Teen. 🙂

  5. Never got any thing good 😦 some how I ended up getting 2 lemon trees, but you can only place one & can’t sell the other which is lame! Mostly parking lots & newspaper stands, couple of times I’ve gotten money but I already had over 2 million at that point. Wish they would spice it up a little bit!!

    • Ditto. Most of the time, it is fences or something I already have and can’t use or sell, e.g., a lemon tree. If not a fence, then a parking space or newspaper stand. Once in a blue moon a gazebo. Like I don’t have a slew of those all over the place.

  6. I’ve got donuts twice in over a year of playing! Otherwise I normally get hedges, newspaper stands and parking lots!

  7. The only good thing I have received was the Lemon tree. Every other time just parking lots, fences and newspaper stand .. : (

  8. I usually only get money, parking lots, fences or newspaper boxes. But my husband got donuts 3 times in a row then squeaky voiced teen.

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