The Simpsons Go To Comic Con!

Some of the Simpsons cast, producers and writing staff descended on San Diego this past week to partake in the annual Comic Con at the San Diego Convention Centre for the 25th anniversary of the show. Their panel took place in one of the convention centres most famous rooms – Ballroom 20. Panel members included Mike Anderson, David Silverman, Al Jean and Matt Groening. Here’s a run down of what went down inside Ballroom 20;

  • Mike Anderson said that the upcoming ‘Simpsurama’ cross over episode is both ”awesome” and ”really hot”.
  • The audience were reminded that on September 28 (the season premiere) a beloved character would die. The following clip was shown;



  • Homer was ruled out as the character that would ‘bite the dust’ so to speak, despite the clip above.
  • The Simpsons will finally begin to age in the upcoming season, although they’ll only age by just one day!
  • The Simpsons hugely anticipated Treehouse of Horror Halloween Special episode will air on October 19. Airing it before Halloween means it won’t be pre-empted by the World Series
  • Matt said that the Simpsons will be around for a while joking ”we’ve got two years to run it in to the ground and ten years before it ends”. As you can imagine, he got quite the cheer!
  • Bartman will not feature in the upcoming season according to producers
  • Spider Pig will make quite a few appearances this season (so excited)!
  • The panel ends with a hologram of Homer appearing on stage!


Below are videos of the Question and Answer portion of the panel, including that hologram of Homer I told you about!


3 thoughts on “The Simpsons Go To Comic Con!

  1. I wonder how many people thought the homergram was real via the tweets I read of people thinking the michal Jacksongram was real and that he was still alive lol

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