An Update On My Redesign

As you know, a little while back I said I was going to nuke my Springfield and start again. All was going well with it, up until last week. Last week, while I was playing my wifi switched off but I thought nothing of it. When I eventually got my router back up an running though I began to notice a few problems. The most annoying one though was when I tried to place things in specific areas of town, the game would freeze for up to 20 minutes and then crash. I should mention though that the areas where it would freeze are the areas I had been working on when my wifi cut out.

So as I grew increasingly frustrated by the problem I decided to contact EA after doing the whole hard close, uninstall/reinstall thing. I got a fairly quick response from a very helpful EA tech guy but they told me that there’s nothing they’re able to do for me. It turns out that my internet cut out at the wrong time as my game was being uploaded onto their servers, Therefore, because it was interrupted, the save file is corrupt and there’s only one way the tech could think of to fix it – NUKING!

So now I have to nuke my town again, which is by no means the fault of EA as they really tried to help me. Before I nuke it though, I will upload some of the screenshots I had planned on sharing when I was completely finished. That way, I can use them as a reference if I need to.

So here’s a heads up to my neighbours – over the next few hours I will be taking notes of where things are placed in my Springfield and drawing out a general layout of my town to speed up the process of designing. I plan on nuking either tomorrow night or Saturday afternoon and really hope to have it done on Monday by doing some marathon designing sessions at the weekend. I’m really sorry about this guys but this time it really can’t be helped!

I’ll upload the pictures to a new post within the next hour or so


One thought on “An Update On My Redesign

  1. They said they were fixing the freeze crash, bart screen at login. Do you know when that will be fixed? It’s getting worse and I am to a point I don’t even log in daily because its such a hassle. Sorry to hear about your Springfield, that sucks

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