Here’s A Little Something To Think About

Princess Penelope graced our towns (and Krustyland’s) with her presence a few days back and gave new life to a mostly forgotten part of the game. But, the content of level 43 isn’t what I want to talk about – it’s the file that contains the content that interests me.

Usually when we receive an update such as a level or episode tie in, the files that contain the content are named after what ever it’s about. The level 41 file is called ‘Bernice Hibbert’ because that update revolved around her, her brother Chester Dupree and Doctor Hibbert.

The level 43 file wasn’t named what I would have expected it to be. I thought it would have been named something like ‘Princess Penelope’ for the reasons I’ve already explained, but it wasn’t. Instead it’s called ‘Krustyland 2 Patch 1 Pre Launch’.

Again, it’s called ‘Krustyland 2 Patch 1 Pre Launch‘. Interesting, no? The parts of the name that interest me the most are ‘Krustyland 2‘ and ‘Pre Launch‘ I think EA have something up their sleeves that I expect to drop very soon. I’ll explain why I think so in another post, but for now, what do you think it means? Do you think I’m reading too much into the name or am I on to something? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!


10 thoughts on “Here’s A Little Something To Think About

  1. That’s genius !! Your like the Sherlock Holmes of the internet 🙂 After reading your facts I too agree that there is something else in the works. Can’t wait to find out exactly what it is.

  2. Yeah, I agree with you, I reckon there’s going to be new content, land and another update evolving around Krustyland in general, god I hope it’s true! 🙂

  3. Great catch man. EA dosent do stuff for no reason. They always have something up their sleave. Thanks for checking thoes files man. That info pumped me up (even tho I truely have no idea what they have up their sleeve)

  4. Why don’t I receive more quests for princess penelope. The last one was about the hotel. The quests stopped after that.

  5. Wasn’t one of those tapped out writers (forgot his name😅) writing “the biggest tapped out update in history” and that it would be huge according to him (you guys posted about him a few weeks ago)

  6. I hope it’s even more Krustyland Content I got all the rides and premium stuff and I still have lots of room in my Krustyland

  7. I’m at level 43, have built tavern on the scream, and placed the balloons. Since then I have not been given the ability via krusty, to build krustys giant wheel. I have plenty of tickets, it just seems like the quest has stalled. I have hard closed the app, turned my device off and on, etc. anyone else having this problem? Is there something I need to do in Springfield before this quest can progress?

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