Gil Is Back With A Doughnut ‘Extravaganza’

Gil is back in our towns after a few short weeks with a doughnut ‘extravaganza’. Gil’s deal is this, there are two special doughnuts packages up for grabs in the store. Here’s what they are:

Cart of Doughnuts – It contains 132 doughnuts and comes with $10,000 of in game cash at the cost of $7.99. That’s a reduction of $2, down from the regular price of $9.99 which isn’t bad because you get in game cash too, but it’s not the best either.

Dumpster of Doughnuts – It contains 576 doughnuts and comes with a ‘premium mystery box’ Setting the mystery box aside for a minute, lets discuss just the doughnuts. The dumpster costs $34.99 which means that each doughnut costs about $0.06 each. That puts it a just about the same as the 300 doughnut package for $19.99 – so as you can see this deal is the best but it’s not the worst and I’m afraid the ‘premium mystery box’ doesn’t make it any better.

According to Gil, each mystery box contains 1 of 13 specially selected premium buildings. Here are the buildings that are up for grabs. If you already have the building on the LEFT you will instead be rewarded with the building on the RIGHT. Each building has an equal chance of 9.09% chance of being awarded to you.

Duff Stadium -> Ferris Wheel
TryNSave -> Ferris Wheel
Aztec Theatre -> Ferris Wheel
Springfield Observatory -> Ferris Wheel
Planet Hype -> Ferris Wheel
Mount Carlmore -> Ferris Wheel
Fireworks, Candy And Puppy Dogs -> Lard Lads Donuts
Asia De Cuba -> Lard Lads Donuts
Open Air Stage -> Lard Lads Donuts
Sprawl Mart -> Lard Lads Donuts
Springfield Museum Of Natural History -> Lard Lads Donuts


7 thoughts on “Gil Is Back With A Doughnut ‘Extravaganza’

  1. No sure if this is related, but I noticed my Righteousness rating dropped by half a star as soon as Gil came back. Do you know if the rating files were updated again?

    • I didn’t see anything different but sometimes updates affect the conform-o-meter for no apparent reason. That said, Gil could in fact be a criminal and we just don’t know it yet!

  2. For $34.99, if you get 576 donuts which is roughly $0.06/donut but you get a mystery box. Now you could get the Springfield Observatory which is worth 75 donuts or the open air stage which is 160 donuts (the other premium items are in between those)

    So the package is really worth anywhere from 651-736. So it’s really about $0.05(3)-$0.04(7)/donut. Not sure it that makes much of a difference but compared to the 900 donut package it’s comparable. 900 donuts for $49.99 is $0.05(5) donut

    • I ended up getting Planet Hollywood, which I believe was 150 donuts, as my premium item. I almost purchased that last month, so it was something I would’ve bought. So I got, in reality, 576+150, so 726 donuts for $34.99

  3. I did see the offer when It popped up, but was unsure what I really wanted to do. I am unable to find the offer in my donuts tore. Does one only get the chance when Gil domes up?

  4. Springfield Observatory for me. Its not something I would’ve gotten but its ok it forced me to redecorate. I haven’t spent my donuts yet but I like the deal. Donuts and a premium item for a reasonable price.

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