Is It Just Me Or Are You Getting Bored Too?

Tapped Out has been insanely boring content wise lately. I mean we got a yard sale where I was only able to buy just one thing, where no items were available for in game cash either, a level update that while still pretty cool, was full of 12 hour tasks giving you no real reason to play to play more then once or twice a day, and now a crappy doughnut sale? I mean really? I personally have been kept busy with my Springfield redesign, which is almost done (so excited!) but what have you been doing lately? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


Oh, and sorry for the rant but I really had to say something. I hope we get something (anything) tomorrow and if not, next week. I do find it weird though that we got a Monday update. The last time that happened was a Tie-In for ‘What Animated Women Want’ followed by Whacking Day on Thursday. Thoughts?


37 thoughts on “Is It Just Me Or Are You Getting Bored Too?

  1. Yep I think it’s gone awful I don’t really go on anymore nothing to do, they need to sort it, all focus is on family guy ATM

  2. The rant is fine it needs to be said. Yes I have been board as well throw us some friend levels or something. Honestly I dealeted all my friends because I found my self visiting them less and thought it unfair to them if there going to visit me and I couldn’t return in kind

  3. Bored,bored, bored, just going on once a data now to check to see of any things changed, sort it out soon or will be giving up altogether.

  4. My replan is all finished now. There is so much more that I want to see in the game. So I know how you feel. It’s great to read a good rant. Not quite sure what EA are planning, but there are loads of rumours about. Something tells me that the recent donut sale is to prepare us for the magaupdate.

  5. EA video games are getting lame too. How many more Need for Speed games can they make? The craze died years ago and Tapped Out is dying a slow death too. It seems like EA is doing everything half assed now.

  6. I’m finding both simpsons and family guy games to be tedious. The simpsons is lacking content and the FG game just tries too hard to nickel and dime the user.

  7. Hey I deff know what you meen I’m rather new to tsto started 2 weeks before stone cutters at lv33 now and while still working the levels I’ve become kinda bummed out after reading all the old post and knowing all the great stuff I missed from earlier in the game I’m kinda dissatisfied that things have came to a crawl I hope things pick up soon so I can share in the fun with this great game and awesome community so here’s to hope and TSTO

  8. yes,yes,yes & yesterday I deleted like 10 friends that hasn’t played in 2 wks or more. -high level players-did they just abandon that friendship level thing at level 10? at least it gave us something to do,,,,,I was hoping they’d do more with that! at least I’m not alone! I played FG,,,,but I’m more a Simpson’s fan,,,,

  9. yes,yes,yes,,,& I just had to delete about a dozen friends that haven’t played in 2 or more wks.-high level,too- & did they just abandon the friendship thing at lvl 10?at least it gave us something to do. nice to know I’m not the only 1 struggling,,,waiting for the next update. I played FG for a wk or so when they had that giant pyramid,,,,but I’m more of a Simpson’s fan that goes back to the beginning . my sister even named her dog after Bart! (R.I.P. lil fella)

  10. Yep I haven’t played much since stone cutters. The weather has been too good here in NJ so beach all day. I am guessing that’s what EA has been thinking im sure something big will happen in September when I need to be back at work.LoL there have also been so many glitches and the game needs a ton of space now hopefully they fix those issues so playing is more reliable. 🙂

  11. Lucky if I make it on once a day and I seem to force myself to do that. I stll think adding some small and useful decoration pieces would be good and at least give us something to think about design wise. I wanted Mayan Marge, but couldn’t justify the bundle cost when all I wanted was Marge and I am still ticked about them resizing items.

    No reason to buy anything when land may or maynot happen. I know some people say we should just squish it all together and we would have plenty of land. However, the reason I have played was to have design freedom.

    I haven’t been on my secondary account at all. 😦 I think I’ll put all my stuff in inventory and maybe focus on leveling up there.

  12. I think the last monday update was the Pre-season 25 premiere with the pre-Halloween 2013 content, remeber?? that week on thursday we had the season 25 premiere tie-in, so, I´m thinking like you, maybe tomorrow we’ll see an update, cross fingers!!!

  13. I’ve only been playing since Christmas and, until recently, I didn’t really purchase many donuts. The Stonecutters was fun, kept me busy. I recently splurged (broke down) and bought a ton of donuts, so I have been busy. I bought a ton of land and premium items. I like where I am at right now.

    I have been trying to save up enough money to by the Sit n Rotate restaurant. I’m at about $3.5 million. I make, roughly, $250,000-$350,000 per day. The only thing I;m spending cash on is the Squidport.

    So while I agree I’m anxious for another update, I’ve been keeping busy on some things.

  14. Probably will get new things for the holidays, wish you could send springfileders on the stair way to knowhear to earn some in game cash..

  15. Definitely I only check it when I get an email that there is an available update. And then I overplay it until I collect everything then desert the game again lol

  16. Yes!! All I’ve been doing is racking up money for aspirational buildings and tickets to make my Krustyland look better. I really want an update, and a fun update with a new expansion. I want a ton of new decorations too! We didn’t get any free ones in the last Springfield Update

  17. Yep. And for a long time now. Set characters on 24 hrs tasks now; even wonder if 2 or 3 day tasks should be added ?

  18. I just hit max level(only started in may) and I basically left my entire Krustyland until now, so I have that to sorta preoccupy my time. Otherwise, I’m just setting people to do longer times. I’m hoping an update is soon, too.

  19. During these down times the best thing to do is send everyone on 8 or 12-hour jobs, keep planting crops, keep the radio & TV stations busy. Also collect tickets in Krustyland.

    Then all you do is sit back and watch the cash roll in.

  20. Really bored at the moment so I am concentrating on Family Guy. Was disappointed with the Krustyland level – it was over very quickly

  21. Yeap….i am loging 1 per day to collect my cash and to put another 24h work….and this is all. But at all it is good opportunity to build some cash . It is boring but at all i need around 20M cash to buy some stuffs and organaze my city.

  22. Barely playing at the moment and I was a daily player for 2+ years. We need more. More quests more neighbour quests and more things to tap on in springfield eg snakes.BORED SILLY. Family guy not working either. What the ………. is going on. BORED BORED BORED BORED BORED. TSTO is way better thsn family guy thou. FGTQFS is SOOOOOOOO expensive and takes months to unlock characters and finish quests and thats BORING. COME ON EA OUT SMART TINY CO.

  23. Really bored of the game as of late, agree with earlier post, we need 2-3 day tasks. Just so bored of it as of late, being a freemium player is hard enough, have enough cash, but everything cost doughnuts (and loads too boot). No great updates, maybe play once a day if that just to set 24hours tasks, but not fussed if I miss a day or two.

    I was an avid player since wacking day, multiple times a day but now, meh.

    I had a hunch the nuclear explosion button to redesign your town was going to be for the monorail update / rumour, fingers crossed it will be.

    I just wait for twitter feeds to see if anything new happens with my game , or just browse the boards.

    Will stick with this a few more weeks to see what happens, hope its going to be a great update, not some level you need doughnuts for.

  24. They are really taking the p now. Endless short tasks. I am not playing anymore until there is an update. I’m maxed out on friendship points, land and squidport. There is nothing to aim for.

  25. Waiting for an update. Keep building houses. Need more resturaunts and social places. I think this lack of updates is because they want us to spend money. I will not spend money.

  26. I agree. Every time I log in to play 1-3 days later and there’s a new download/update, always assume that something new is coming up. Nope. I wish they can at least give us more land and wood (for the bridge). Perhaps add an additional reward prize for visiting friends. Something, anything for that matter

  27. It seems most people that get bored are those that spend actual $$$ to rush through every thing. I play daily and am a Level 27 after 6 months without ever paying a dime and still have plenty to do in the game.

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