There’s Going To Be An App Store Update This Week!

It appears that we’ll be getting an App Store update sometime this week, as the image above, which was posted online, show. For those of you who are unable to read what it says, here’s a transcript of the tweets. The username of the twitter user has been removed for privacy reasons.


@AskEASupport When are you going to fix the Tapped Out log-in connection error and handshake glitch?


@USERNAMEREMOVED We are releasing an App Store update later this week which will address those issues. EB.


@AskEASupport Finally an update! What is it going to be?


As far as I can tell, EA have yet to respond to the above question. As for the update itself, all previous App Store updates have brought lots of new content so, what are you hoping for? I for one don’t mind I’m just SO EXCITED at the possibility of new stuff!


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