Gil’s Gone!

After a small, unnoticeable update this morning, Gil and his special doughnut deal have been removed from the game. Nothing else changed with this update.

In regards to the image I posted yesterday that said an App Store update would be occurring sometime this week, new information has come to light that suggests that the image was photo-shopped and is in fact fake. Of course that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting one but just to be sure, I’ve sent a tweet from the @TappedOutDaily twitter account asking the same question posed in the image I posted yesterday. As EA don’t begin responding to that twitter account until 9AM CST it will be a little while before I receive a response. So keep an eye on our twitter page and this site as I will post any information I can get from EA.


Side Note: Family Guy the Game appears to be a bit glitchy with none of my posts being uploaded to the servers for publishing after they are written. I am in contact with the help team to resolve this and hope to have more info on it soon. Sorry guys!


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