Here’s What Still Needs To Be Fixed After Yesterdays Update

  • Squeaky Voiced Teen is showing up in the decorations menu
  • Selma and Skinner’s 2 hour task involving the Sit n Rotate appears at the top of their task list
  • Manjula and Apu’s joint task is not earning the correct amount of cash and XP. It should be earning the standard premium rate because it involves a premium character and takes place in a premium building but instead Manjula is earning at a premium rate while Apu is earning at the standard non-premium rate.
  • Small issue with Fit Milhouse task list
  • Homer still has his ‘Safely do his Job’ task. It should have been removed after the 4th of July event concluded 

Let me know if you spot something I didn’t and I’ll update this list!


3 thoughts on “Here’s What Still Needs To Be Fixed After Yesterdays Update

  1. Is it just me or am I going nuts. I must be nuts I have had two updates wed 13th and friday 15th new zealand time, but NOTHING HAPPENED. I now starting to wonder why I am playing, none of the things you have listed apply, what is going on come on ea it used to be a great game. ? ? ? ? ? ? ……………… Why do the updates only apply to players who dont have certain characters, the retry connect to server is still happening and all I can do is set 24 hr tasks and collect cash…………….. when will I get an uodate that makes game interesting again and an uodate that works for me

  2. I have always had an issue updating in general. It tells me I need to free up space first…even though I have over 1gb left on my tablet and the update is a mere 7mb.

  3. Sane as @andiac .. The last 2 weeks I’ve experiencing updates and NOTHING happened, last summer EA was more proactive and updates came with new levels with excitement tasks, but August is the borriest month for TSTO gamers

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