EA Issue A Fix For The Gil Deal


EA have released a small patch that should fix the issues that some players have been having with the latest Gil deal. If after downloading the patch and you still don’t see Gil, open a ticket with EA and they should be able to fix it for you.


NOTE: You will only get this update and see Gil if you DON’T own Otto. If you do own him, there’s noting available for you to do as of yet. Should EA release any further updates, I’ll let you know!


6 thoughts on “EA Issue A Fix For The Gil Deal

    • That has since been proven fake. An upset fan appears to have photoshopped an image that lead me and several other websites to believe that there would in fact be an update. Just to be sure it was fake I sent a tweet to the @AskEASupport account asking the same question at the beginning of the week. I never received a response. Although I did notice that they seem to not answer questions related to this game. Strange really!

  1. Well I have Otto and I just got a message flash “school’s coming” and “Gil”. It flashes too quickly for me to read. I opened my tapped out and there was nothing there.

  2. Where is the ” I am writing the most crazy bananas update for Simpsons: Tapped Out that you will ever see in the rest of your given days” promised by Matt Selman on July 18? Still waiting a month later!

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