Did Gil’s Latest Deal Seem Odd To You?

Gil’s been visiting us quite often this summer – at least three times if I can remember correctly. There was something a bit odd about his latest one. To me, at least, it seemed a bit rushed. Aside from the object choices (the inclusion of a cash object which hasn’t really been included in similar deals), the time of the update was a bit strange. Typically, we usually receive updates, including Gil deals, between 3 – 5 PM GMT. We got this deal at around 10 PM.

My theory is that EA had something ready last week but due to some kind of technical or development issue it was pulled at the last minute and EA put out the Gil deal as a last minute replacement. Overall, if we don’t get something, anything other then a Gil deal, this week, I will be very, very surprised.


7 thoughts on “Did Gil’s Latest Deal Seem Odd To You?

  1. never thought I’d say it but the family guy game is spanking the Simpsons like a red headed step child content wise. so much more to do and stay on top of. come on EA!! get your collective heads out of your asses and lets get some more content!!!

  2. Another update with NOTHING … I’ve been updating 3 times this week and nothing to notice. For those who had Otto character : this update (and the other 3 ones from EA) came without nothing new. Do you have any new? Today’s upgrade was 167 megabytes it came without any building, level, character… 167mb for nothing?

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