Here’s A Post FULL of Spoilers For You!

EA are busy uploading lots of goodies onto the servers and you can see what’s up so far below the warning!

Oh and the event name seems to have changes to Medieval Times!

There’s also some speculation that this will take place in an entirely NEW AREA. It’s not confirmed but I’ll update this post once I get more info.



OK so here’s what’s up so far!

Barbarian Castle

Hay Cart



Chicken Coop

1000 Elixir

200 Elixir

4000 Elixir

Flaming Torch

Hot Air Balloon

Mayan Bundle

300 donuts

Mayan Bundle

170 donuts

Mayan Marge

90 donuts

Handful of 5 Cheaters 20s

44 donuts

Single Cheaters 20

9 donuts

Bag of 20 Cheaters 20s

155 donuts

Gang of 5 Nerds

Mob of 10 Nerds

Army of 20 Nerds

Ye Olde Cherry Tree (w/George Washington)

180 donuts

New characters:

Amateur Mage

Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!


Grunt! Grunt! Grunt!

Attack Barbarian
Time: 6 s
Switch Places with Homer
Time: 45 s
Drink out of an Enemy’s Skull
Time: 1 h
Attack the Simpson House
Time: 1 h Quest
Drink 10 More Beers
Time: 1 h
Go on a Date With Smithers
Time: 2 h
Have Nightmares about Peace
Time: 4 h
Feast until Belly Becomes Bloated
Time: 8 h
Drink with Homer
Time: 8 h
Chase Homer with an Axe
Time: 12 h
Play Clash of Castles
Time: 16 h
Pump Iron
Time: 24 h

Brave Tin Knight
Let’s hurry, I need to be home by 9.

An invader

A defender

Rascal Rogue

Does having two weapons make me look cool?

Warrior of Muffintop

For the glory of Mount Muffintop!

Barbarian Homer

I’m Homer Simpson now. I mean, I’m the Barbarian! Yeah, the Barbarian.

Goblin Bart

Goblins are the original Raider Nation!

Archer Lisa

It’s not just my bow that’s high-strung.

Wizard Marge

Here comes magic mommy!

Homer Barbarian

Me am Homer Simpson now.

Eat Stale Donuts
Time: 5 m
Take Lisa out for Veggie Pizza
Time: 1 h
Chase Bully with an Axe
Time: 4 h
Pretend to Be a Sitcom Dad
Time: 8 h
Make Springfielders Attend the Recital
Time: 12 h
Express his Rage Against Noobs
Time: 12 h
Fix Appliances with Axe
Time: 16 h
Browse the Internet
Time: 24 h


4 thoughts on “Here’s A Post FULL of Spoilers For You!

  1. Has anybody found out if the ametuer Mage, brave tin knight ,rascal rouge and warrior of muffintop are actual characters that can be purchased/ unlocked or are they just part of the nerd army that is used to attack other springfields

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