Here’s Some More Update Info


According to spAnser, there is something in the files that indicate the latest update will be called:

Clash of Clones

I assume upon reading that, most of you will automatically think of another game – Clash of Clans, and you’d be right to. The above image was posted on the EA Mobile instagram account last night with the following caption;


War is coming to Springfield! Ready your sword and shield! Your bow and quiver! Your wizard hat and inhaler! Coming this week, The Simpsons: Tapped Out gets a new update!


So the time for war (and cool new stuff) is near so be sure to check back later as I will be ready to post all the latest info once the update arrives. In the mean time, what do you think a ‘Clash of Clones’ update will look like? I’m not going to call it an event just yet as I don’t have enough info to confirm it. But. what kind of prizes would you like to see? Would you like the community prize system reintroduced into this update? Perhaps you want a new friend point prize? So many questions, so little time – prepare for WAR!


2 thoughts on “Here’s Some More Update Info

    • I think EA learned their lesson during Easter – chance based events are very bad for business! But then again, who knows, EA might introduce a who;e new prize giving system that we haven’t experienced yet!

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