Lots More Spoilers Coming!

There are more spoilers for our next update coming very soon so keep an eye out for that but in the meantime, there’s speculation that we’ll be getting a BRAND NEW VIDEO with this update! It’s not confirmed, I’m waiting on spAnser to make the final determination on that one, so I’ll keep you posted. If there is a new video coming, I’ll post it as soon as it’s available.

Side Note: Something else not related to this event has appeared in the files according to spAnser, and once I get my hands on a photo I will post it. All I’ll say right now is. . . . you can kiss my shiny metal. . . 


Stay tuned for more, soon!


4 thoughts on “Lots More Spoilers Coming!

  1. Several times as I was scrolling through the items to be purchased with donuts & have been forced to purchase because I unfortunately touch the screen I feel that we should have to confirm our purchases when it comes to the donut items.

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