A Guide To Nerds


Here’s a quick guide that should help you understand exactly how this event works. I am working on the event homepage for Medieval Times but it’s going to take some time to get it all done. I’ll get you more info on that soon! Anyway, on with the guide!

What Are Nerds?

Nerds are what you need to attack other players.

Who Can My Nerds Attack?

Your nerds can attack anyone you want! That’s right, they can attack your neighbours or a random player. To attack a random player, simply tap the sword and shield icon in the top right corner.

How Many Nerds Can Attack A Building At Once?

UPDATE: The limit, depends on the building you are attacking (Thanks Laura!)

How Long Does It Take To Attack Someone?

Well, that depends. The length of attack depends on the number of nerds you used to attack a building. Using 1 nerd means the attack will take 9 hours while using 9 nerds means the attack only take 1 hour.

What Do I Get For Attacking Other Players?

Other then the satisfaction of causing mayhem and destruction? Why gold and elixir of course!

Do I Get My Nerds Back After Battle?

Sadly, no. Once you send them to battle there is no way to get them back.

Can I Cancel An Attack After I Start One?

No, once you start an attack there is no way to stop it

How Many Times Can I Attack One Person?

You can attack 5 different buildings in each town every day

Is There A Limit To The Amount Of People I Can Attack?

No, You can attack as many different Springfield’s as you want on any given day.

When Does This Event End Again?

It ends on October 7th. That’s like 46 days to kick your friends ass! Awesome.

That brings an end to the guide to nerds. I have more info coming soon so keep an eye out for that. Enjoy your raids guys!


30 thoughts on “A Guide To Nerds

  1. Can you make one of those charts like you did with the Stonecutter addition. To show you how many gold coins you need each day in order to get all the prizes; that would be so helpful.

    Ps. Thanks for making all of this.

  2. how can i repair a building? i got a message a building is destroyed or something but i cant find anything about it

    • scratch that. appearantly i just looked wrong cuz even though the building says it got rekt it wasnt. just attacked

  3. Can someone please help. I’m on the task ‘rolling with it’ with the cheaters 20 dice. I’ve managed to destroy a building with one but every time I let one off in my town to defend my town with one the task doesn’t complete. Am I doing something wrong or is this a glitch I need to report? Sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask this bit it’s doing my head in and I’ve already wasted 3 trying to complete the task.

  4. when one of your nerds attacks someones building and it says it will take 11 hours to collect,how do you collect on it when the time is up?

    • i think it just saves time when you are getting attacted so you dont have to find the buliding that have been attacked. and you can use it do smash someone buliding instantly instead of waiting so long…….. I THINK

  5. Enjoying this update, but trying to figure it out. It says I got Barbarian Lisa, but I can’t find her…there’s a lot of detail with this one. I like it!

  6. Is it better to attack with one nerd at a time? I know it would take longer, but wouldn’t the rewards be greater in the long term?

    e.g it takes 1 nerd 9 hours to get the reward, or 9 nerds 1 hour to get the same reward. So surely 9 nerds individually would get geater rewards over the 9 hours?

    Does that make sense?

  7. Deployed nerds a long time ago, trouble is I don’t know where! They should be done, how do I find them? Or do you just get your prizes when they are finished? This was during my first attack when the game brings you to another Springfield automatically. And, what happens to the nerds? You don’t get to use them again?

  8. Hi there. Can someone offer me some advice here. My recycle castle and Lisa skin seems to be locked in my inventory and I can’t seem to unlock it. What would I need to do?

  9. How do you use the cheaters 20 on others buildings, assuming you’ve done it once already, I can’t find the option anywhere.

  10. I’ve seen someone with nerds walking around their Springfield. With me being an avid OCD Simpsons addict, I have to have all characters/buildings/decorations/misc. and I would like to know how I missed those characters and if I can still get them through a barbarian outfit for a character even though the update is done. Thanks.

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