Rewards For Attacking & Defending

Depending on whether you are attacking or defending, determines the amount of rewards you can receive. It also turns out it’s more beneficial to you to attack strangers as the reward is greater. See below for details of rewards received!


Attacking a… Result Reward
Random Town
Castle Win Elixir140
Lose Elixir10
House Win Elixir70
Lose Elixir5
Friend’s Town
Castle Win Elixir25
Lose Elixir10
House Win Elixir18
Lose Elixir5
Defending a… Result Reward
Castle/House Win Elixir20
Lose Elixir10



24 thoughts on “Rewards For Attacking & Defending

  1. Is it safe to assume, if you spend your gold leveling up homer, it takes away from the gold you are accumulating to get the prizes? If so, is there any benefit from leveling up homer early, or should I accumulate gold and get the prizes first, then level up homer? Thanks for any advice!

    • I tend to attack just the castle with 5 nerds as it offers higher rewards then other buildings an doesn’t take too long! I just battle strangers because it offers higher rewards then if you battle your neighbours!

  2. Not sure if this question has been answered, but I used donuts for probably around 60 or so nerds and now I have 11, were they just temporary? I assumed when I got them I could reuse them. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere.

  3. How do you complete the cheaters 20 side quest? I can’t get the “defend your town” portion to work, and I’m down to my last cheaters 20. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. I have used all my cheater dice trying to complete ‘defend my town’. Does anyone know if I can win more or only purchase with donuts?

    • I’m trying to solve the same problem, you can get more randomly by tapping on shields in your town, save them and then delete the game and reinstall it. I’m waiting to get more as well.

    • I have received a couple of cheater dice randomly, so I think that you might get 1 here or there, as you complete various quests.

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