The Prince and the Premise Walkthrough

I’m still working on the event page for this event but here’s the walkthrough for ‘The Prince and the Premise’ questline. The others will follow next week because as you can see, there’s a lot of typing involved!!



TASK: Make Barbarian Attack the Simpson House (1 HOUR)
TASK: Build the Barbarian Castle (16 HOURS)
TASK: Attack Another Springfield.
The player unlocks the ability to buy Nerds and Elixir for Donuts, as well as the premium Medieval Banners, the Flaming Torch and the Chicken Coop. The Player also receives 10 Nerds.
After Quest Completion:
Tapped Out Skinner Icon.png I must say Mr. Barbarian, you’re doing a wonderful service for these young gentlemen.
Tapped Out Barbarian Icon.png Huh?
Tapped Out Skinner Icon.png I’m told you’re planning a vigorous exercise program.
Tapped Out Barbarian Icon.png No. Me send them to deaths. More than they deserve.
Tapped Out Skinner Icon.png But they are doing you a favor by retrieving valuable items for you?
Tapped Out Barbarian Icon.png Raid takes time. Attack with more nerds destroy building faster. When more nerds attack, is harder to defend. More dead nerds equals more good for me.
Tapped Out Skinner Icon.png Um… did you just say…?
Tapped Out Barbarian Icon.png DEAD NERDS EQUALS MORE GOOD FOR ME!!!
Tapped Out Skinner Icon.png I need a bag of salted cashews.

Task: Make Homer Attack Barbarian (6 sECONDS, requires Barbarian Castle)

Task: Make Barbarian Chase Homer with an Axe (2 hOURS)

Task: Make Homer Drink at Moe’s and Make Barbarian Drink at Moe’s (8 hOURS)
Task: Make Homer Drink 10 More Beers and Make Barbarian Drink 10 More Beers (1 hOUR)

After Quest Completion:

Tapped Out Barbarian Icon.png Can me tell you something?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Anything, pal.
Tapped Out Barbarian Icon.png Me am jealous — of you!
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png *spit-take*
Tapped Out Barbarian Icon.png Me tired of kill kill kill, pillage pillage pillage, grunt grunt grunt. Sometimes, me just want put feet by fire and drink from skull of enemy with someone me love.
Tapped Out Barbarian Icon.png Me want do Sunday crossword puzzle in bed then go to brunch, not slaughter castle full of archers and wizards.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png See, I would love to bathe in wizard blood.
Tapped Out Barbarian Icon.png Me would love stay home watch “The Bachelor” eating low calorie popcorn.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png I guess each of us would love to have the other guy’s life.
Tapped Out Barbarian Icon.png Yes, that am situation.
Tapped Out Moe Icon.png Hey guys, did you know that when the Barbarian here takes off his helmet, he looks just like Homer.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png OMG — Oh my God! It’s true!
Tapped Out Barbarian Icon.png OMC — Oh my Crom! Us am twins!
Tapped Out Moe Icon.png You guys should switch places and live each other’s lives, just like that classic piece of literature: “Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties”.
Tapped Out Barbarian Icon.png Switch places? That sounds hacky.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png No, no it’s cool. The same happened to Bart in one of the episodes of the TV show this whole thing is based on.
Tapped Out Barbarian Icon.png Us game not based on TV show. Am original IP.
Tapped Out Moe Icon.png Must be nice.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png So it’s agreed, I’ll live the life of a Barbarian, and you’ll live the life of a family man!
Tapped Out Barbarian Icon.png Me still think this am hacky, but am worth it.
Task: Collect Gold [x200], Make Homer Bulk Up (4 HOURS), Make Barbarian Get a Haircut (4 hOURS) and Make Homer and Barbarian Switch Places (45 sECONDS)
Upon completing the quest, the player unlocks “Barbarian Homer”, if the player has already collected 200 Gold and the costume is waiting in their inventory. you also unlocks “Homer Barbarian”
Task: Make Homer Barbarian Pretend to Be a Sitcom Dad (8 hours)
Homer Barbarian Boy whelp think me am Homer, but girl whelp am clever.
Homer Barbarian What father do to win affection of girl?
Homer Barbarian Me know! Me give her life lessons in backbreaking labor.
Homer Barbarian Child! I command you to build a castle.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png A castle? I suppose this could be a good exercise in medieval construction.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Can I use eco-friendly materials?
Homer Barbarian Ask mother.
Homer Barbarian Being father am easy.
Task: Reach Level 9 Build Springfield Elementary and Make Homer Barbarian Chase Bully with an Axe (4 hours)
Task: Make Lisa Play in the Recital (12 hours), Make Homer Barbarian Make Springfielders Attend the Recital (12 hours) and Make Springfielders Attend the Recital Under Threat of Death x10 (12 hours)
Task: Make Homer Barbarian Express Rage Against Noobs (12 hours)

9 thoughts on “The Prince and the Premise Walkthrough

  1. Awesome, thanks for putting this together!! One question has gone unanswered, anyone knows the benefit of upgrading Barbarian Homer? I’m guessing he will give more elixir on tasks the more you level him up… thanks!

  2. Hi,
    I’ve been following your blog for almost a year now. Love your content. I was hoping you could post something on the 20 cheaters die. I can’t seem to figure out how to defend my town with one, and you’re my go to for everything tapped out!


  3. Now that I’ve got the hang of it, it’s really fun! Just got Wizard Marge! The annoying thing is how many Homer tasks I have. 3 at once. 2 tied into the event and one was the dreaded Monkey Drama Marathon.

  4. I hope I can get some help here… After I placed my the last castle I can no longer see the different prizes and when I reach them! Anyone else got the same problem or can help/guide me where to find it:0) happy tapping everyone

  5. Something is wrong I don’t seem to be generating much gold and the cheaters 20 task won’t finish no matter how many cheaters I use in my town.

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