Spoilers In The ‘Medieval Times’ Files

spAnser done a little bit of digging into the files over the weekend and found some additional content that doesn’t appear to be event related but does fit the theme of the event. Click below the image for the spoilers!





Here they are –  Princess Kashmir and the Twonicorn! There is no indication of if/when they will be used.




2 thoughts on “Spoilers In The ‘Medieval Times’ Files

  1. But where is the next part of the walk through, with lots of purple purple, purple, upgrades, upgrades, upgrades and EA trolling everyone about them stealing peoples time and money, but its ok for them to do it, but if you use a hack and steal its then wrong… About how the game is boring and so are all freemimum games are designed to fleece you and suggesting to keep it intresting they might delete your town and reset you so you can have more fun doing it over again… I think EA are hilarious they have trolled in this way before, they basically tell it like it is, but people still keep on spending a fortune and playing.

    As for the unreleased. Content, we know things do appear and sometimes dont get used for a time. Its possible they will get a quest line later in the update to keep it intresting, although its more likely to be part of a future update and whilst the two were created and not used, like to rotating hotel they have been saved for a later day and fitted in where and when….

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