What Is The Cheaters 20 Dice & How Are They Used?

File:TO COC Bag Cheaters.png


Cheaters are just one of many, many new things added in this update and recently I’ve seen lots of people asking what they are, how you get them and how do you use them. Hopefully, this post will clear this up for you as I do my best to explain them!


The Cheaters 20 Dice is professor Frink’s latest invention. It’s a way of ensuring that you instantly win when attacking a building or never lose when defending one. You will have the ability to buy them (for doughnuts) after you collect a total of 800 Gold or there’s a chance you’ll get some for free (more below).


Attacking Using A Cheaters 20

When attacking, it’s always best to attack a castle in a RANDOM town (not your friends) because that offers the most reward once complete. But, as you know, using nerds to attack takes hours – and that’s where Cheaters 20 comes in. Take this scenario for example, you are in a random players town, they have a castle (or any building) that you’d like to attack, you don’t want to wait 5, 6 or however many hours remains until the attack is complete. You decide to use a Cheaters 20 to speed it up and finish the battle instantly. Here’s how to use a Cheaters 20 when attacking;

  • Choose the building you’d like to attack
  • Tap on it
  • The ‘Attack Menu’ will open
  • At the bottom of the screen you will see ‘Wreck this building immediately?’
  • Tap the red dice button next to it
  • You will instantly win the battle


Defending Using A Cheaters 20

Defending using a Cheaters 20 is almost the same as attacking. It will only work though if someone is in the process of attacking your town. Roaming nerds are an indication of an attack in progress, as well as notifications if you’re not logged in at the time that the attack starts. Here’s how to defend using a Cheaters 20:

  • Tap the Cheaters 20 icon in the top right corner
  • Instructions will appear at the top of the screen that says ‘Tap the screen anywhere to use the Cheaters 20′
  • Tap the screen
  • The screen will flash for a second (like the ghost bomb at Halloween)
  • All buildings under attack will be restored and you will receive your reward


If you tap on the Cheaters 20 icon and there’s nothing under attack, you will receive the following message:


This brings an end to the Cheaters 20 explanation post. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them in the comments and either myself or other readers will try and help you out!


8 thoughts on “What Is The Cheaters 20 Dice & How Are They Used?

  1. I have tried numerous times to use a cheaters die in my town (for the task). It works but the task never completes. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know where I can get help with this?

      • I am experiencing the same problem. Hopefully the inability to complete the quest activity involving attacking and defending won’t put us players at a disadvantage. I’m hoping an EA fix will correct this soon!

  2. The glitch is putting me at a disadvantage. I don’t seem to be earning as much gold as I should be. I should have twice the amount of gold by now according to the daily chart. I am completing the quests and attacking towns like crazy. What is going wrong???

    • do you attack every building with 9 nerds?

      its better to attack every building with ONE nerd!
      i sometimes attack right before i go to bed and get like 6000 elixers and 2000 gold the next morning! (probably from the attacks 2 hours before that too) so i woke up and got enough gold for the whole day! i got around 18k gold total! i made a screenshot because i didnt even get how i got that much 😛

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