Character Level Up Requirements

Barbarian Homer Archer Lisa Goblin Bart Wizard Marge
1 Starting level
2 Gold.png300 Gold.png900 Gold.png2,100 Gold.png6,000
3 Gold.png750 Gold.png1,650 Gold.png3,150 Gold.png7,500
4 Gold.png1,350 Gold.png2,650 Gold.png4,550 Gold.png9,500
5 Gold.png2,100 Gold.png3,900 Gold.png6,300 Gold.png12,000
6 Gold.png3,000 Gold.png5,400 Gold.png8,400 Gold.png15,000
7 Gold.png4,050 Gold.png7,150 Gold.png10,850 Gold.png18,500
8 Gold.png5,250 Gold.png9,150 Gold.png13,640 Gold.png22,500
9 Gold.png6,600 Gold.png11,400 Gold.png16,800 Gold.png27,000
10 Gold.png8,100 Gold.png13,900 Gold.png20,300 Gold.png32,000

18 thoughts on “Character Level Up Requirements

  1. @bilbosmile

    yep .. its nothing.
    when i got archer lisa level 10 this morning it did say people can see the levels after the event wich is okay i guess?

  2. Your are right dutchorigins, I just need the gold in my stock, it does not cost anything … I thought I had so spend then mention gold amount for leveling. Now I see. I only need to have “at least” the mention amount of gold. Leveld bart, lost no gold 😀

  3. It seems leveling doesn’t give you anything at all. For example – I have a lvl14 Homer and he gets 2 elixir for the 1 hour task. Just as he did when he was lvl1. So what gives? Why do we have the levels?

  4. haha np 🙂

    in other news….
    my town got cleared out this morning. when i logged in it said i was level 43 but after the login screen it showed me the video that plays at the beginning and i had to make the simpsons house etc. it also said it failed to save and that i might be logged in on another device. so i check the only other device i ever played on (not even the last weeks), logged in and i got the message saying: are you sure you want to log in? another device didnt save. i ignored the message and logged in and now i got everything back as it should be.
    so if you ever get the save error and it looks like you have to start all over: just log in on another device.

    im telling you this because i dont know if there is some glitch that made this happen or if i f-ed something up… so just a heads up 🙂

    • i just checked the ea forum and seems like im not the only one who had this issue. so if you know anyone who has the issue tell them my fix 😉

  5. sorry for a 3rd post in a row but i just wanted to point out that castles dont seem to give any walls, towers or gates after level 10! i just got the recycle’d castle level 15 and every time (+next level) i got one of the following: 5nerd production, 5max nerds or 1defense. i dont know where but i saw someone say you should upgrade barts and lisa’s castle since you cant buy their castle walls towers and gates with elixers but thats not the case. if you got all 3 castles level 10 and still want more walls, towers and gates you either have to buy them with donuts or the barbarian ones with elixers

  6. Don’t know about the rest of you guys but I’m not going to level my town up past level 10, or at the point where you get all of a particular castle’s items unlocked. I’m not bothering to attack anyone’s town if the castle is more than 17 hrs or 15 hrs per house. This works against those players in picking up ANY free elixir and gold even if the bldg is “lost,” and more importantly, the occasional free dropped cheater. Seems the max nerds per castle is not keeping pace with the leveling up of towns, so throwing a max of 24 nerds on castle when you only get 45 per two hours is a waste of nerds. If anything, you WANT other players to attack your town, not skip it as a waste of time… Just sayin’…

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