What Do You Think of Clash of Clones?


Our latest event marks the first time ever that EA have released an event that has almost nothing to do with the TV Show. As far as I can tell, the only TV show related item in this event is Boxingham Palace, and everything else was simply created for this event.

Now, I like it simply because it’s different but still has that ‘Simpsons’ feel to it.I mean, for something that has almost nothing to do with the show what so ever, EA still managed to find a way to create something new and exciting while still injecting it with classic Simpsons humour. I for one, wouldn’t mind seeing them do something like this again in the future as I see this as a way to prolong the games longevity as they it prevents them from running out of Simpsons content too soon.


What do you think of it? Do you think EA done the right thing coming up with something new and fresh or would you prefer they just stick to content from the show?


21 thoughts on “What Do You Think of Clash of Clones?

    • Let me give you and anyone with this problem a hint: attack with only one nerd a building. This will take a lot of hours, but if you do it before you go to sleep (for an example, or school/work) and then return in the morning…
      BOOM! 3000 elixer and 1500 gold… Or more…

      • Confirming this. I started to visit non-friend cities (giving more elixir/coins on successful attacks than friend towns) and sending one nerd per building only, trying to focus on castles and cities with a lot of already attacked/destroyed buildings. If you do this constantly every 2 hours during a day, you will earn enough coins to get all the prizes until the end of the event.

  1. I thought it was good/ interesting until I got all the prizes…now all that’s left is upgrading the characters (for what reason I don’t know) and the only reward is more elixir (for what? how many bales of hay does anyone need)…I like the events that end with the possibility of earning more donuts…is there any reason I should continue playing this event??

    • It IS supposed to be a communal event so i’ve been helping quite a few noobs out as the event is running for ages, i remember being a noob(ish) during whacking day and missing out on loads of stuff… there do seem to be quite a few people either locked out at the moment or that seem to have just given up with it, at least as far as my friends list goes……

  2. i am enjoying the heck out of it. i actually just picked up playing clash of clans and was playing a lot less tapped out because of it. this is pretty perfect.

  3. I love that the writers have given us our own special “episode,”and the way they worked Boxingham Palace into it, but it’s dragging on at this point. It was fun and interesting at first, but we still have a whole month & a week left. At least give us more dialog!
    That said, I’d still enjoy more unique (with artifacts inserted) storyline events. It’s something we TSTO tappers get that no one else does.

  4. They need to bring out weekly updates with new story line’s etc like Fg does or a new level otherwise it’ll be way to long an event. I’ve done the whole story line and only spent donuts to speed up the first castle and to buy 4000 elixir ( I wish I hadn’t you get plenty just playing 4 Times a day) . As to a previous comment I’m sure once you upgrade Bart & Lisa’s castles to 20 every upgrade after gives you a castle wall ( would normally cost donuts) as for the character’s it tells you its just for bragging rights.

  5. I like it, it’s a good event but there are some serious flaws. The first big flaw is the length of the event. I’m already closing in on the last prize and there is still well over a month left. Even for the slowest guys out there they are going to easily get everything well before the deadline. I’ve heard some murmurings that there will be more to this event later in the month which would be a good idea because if not this is going to become very stale very quickly.

    The second big flaw are the prizes. Once i’d unlocked Marge I really didn’t care about the rest of the prizes. The 1000 Elixir was completely pointless, I earn 3 times that in a few hours whilst once you are at that level 1000 Elixir doesn’t really help you at all. The Balloon, Catapult and Statue are decent enough prizes but hardly worthy of being top drawer prizes whilst the prize of one of each tower was just ridiculous. Giving everyone 3 towers just looks like an obvious move to coax people into spending money on doughnuts to make their castles even.

  6. I’m perfectly fine with it! But I have just two main nitpicks:
    1. It’s way to easy to get gold. It may be me playing frequently, but even assigning nerds twice per day will get you along well. Tomorrow I will have completed it. I have 33000 gold. It’d be nice if I could get donuts for extra gold like stonecutters
    2. I’d like more decorations and people. It’d be cool to get the 4 nerds as characters at the end of the event, but I doubt it. There’s not many items to buy! I’ll just buy castle parts, hay bales, and flags with the rest but that’s it for freemium! No other cash decorations or anything! I haven’t been able to use cash for anything required since Itchy and Scratchy Studios!

    • It isn’t too easy for me to get gold. Having the luxury of playing frequently might be your advantage. With all the events, I find myself behind, or squeaking by in the nick of time. Still love the game though.

  7. Prizes are awful since they’re only relevant to the event itself and worthless to the overall game – fortunately easy enough to get with minimal effort. I’m starting to think nothing will ever be as good as Halloween ’13.

  8. Thanks! The Clash of the Clones is a terrific idea. Things can be totally unrelated to the show. Events totally unrelated to the show may be so huge a success, the show copies it. 😀
    I love this game; but, still can’t afford to buy donuts to get all the quest lines. How about adding a donut growing plant to the farm? It costs us X amount of Sprinfield cash to plant, and takes a week to grow 20 donuts? This idea is free of charge. Please use it. 🙂

  9. I like that it gave me a boost of a reason to play.. but then after about the firat week or so I just lost interest.

    Some people are really advanced in the game and I genuinely don’t understand how..
    Also …

    There needs to be better prizes… I mean I’ve nearly completed the quest line and once I’ve done that it will literally the the prizes to play for (which I’m not too fussed about)
    My question is… what happens to the 38000 once we finish… like realistically what can we use gold for… also the elixir (like someone else mentioned earlier) what are we going to need that for once this theme ends?! There are (like the previous person mentioned) only so many bales of hay/medieval flags etc. That we need to buy…

    Overall a bit of an event fail. This is (for me) by far the worst event.

    Sorry to be a negative Nancy! !!

  10. Got 46000 gold today (38k and extra 8k for next step). i got 1000 elixir. LOL.
    The extra 8000 gold gives me about 20k elixir, 1000 extra are completely stupid.
    So no donuts… See you next month…..

  11. Well I Allready have pretty much everything and I heard that after upgrading a castle until level 20 they won’t give more nerds but walls! So level 21, 22, 23 they give 1 wall so u don’t have to spend donut but I’m still level 17 time will tell if it’s true

  12. Hi! First time poster. I’m having fun with the event. I can confirm the one nerd per building strategy mentioned before really does pay off and will get you through the prizes quickly. I do have a question. Earlier today while setting nerds to work I notice another towns Boxingham Palace had four flags flying on the flag poles on each corner. No other town including my own had them. Does anyone know what makes that happen? Because now I want them. Is it from leveling the castle?

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