An Update Is Available!

EA have released a small update that includes NINE new Clash of Clones items.Oddly enough, one of them is the cannon you can buy that Sideshow Mel can use with one of his tasks. You can see what was added in the image below, which I got from the EA forums. Also, I really LOVE the 2 story outhouse!

8 thoughts on “An Update Is Available!

  1. And he treasure chest looks like the one from stonecutters, the elixir mixer looks like moonshine still the barricade macorronies shed the box of fireworks lol

  2. I love the game but why does it keep crashing I can not use revenge or attack other Springfield please fix I’ve try deleting game but nothing works my other friends are experiencing same issue so it’s not the ipad that’s the problem help help

  3. Anyone else having problems with app crashing while visiting others Springfields? I am getting kicked out frequently since I installed the update.

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