Level 44 Has Arrived!

Level 44 has arrived! Now, while I’m away from my computer for the rest if the day, I can tell you that there’s a building for over a million dollars, something for Squidport and a few premium items. I will have a walkthrough for you as soon as I can!

13 thoughts on “Level 44 Has Arrived!

  1. Since this update my game keeps closing out every time I try and do anything…. Anyone else have this problem????? Getting sick of this

  2. There are 2 new community prizes as well! One of them is the marge tetherball item and the other some kind of baby monkey, maybe mr. Teetee…

  3. I read this today and I am so glad I did.. I loved the new plum trees from the update. Wishing there was new pavement like mud or cobbled streets to go with the clash of clones theme… but hey ho.
    On reading this article you posted I realised I didn’t examine (or maybe they updated when I went in today) the things enough.. I saw the new buildings and then noticed that to my surprise that the vulgaris store (that I’ve been putting off buying because it’s so ridiculously expensive at 600’000) went down to 400’000 which I’m glad I put off now 😀😁😂 looking forward to building the rest of the features and collecting more FP for the new prizes 😉 So glad but in a sense not.. I quite like the freebie doughnuts gained from completing level43/all FP prizes 🙈 hehehe

    Well this has given a new lease of life to the game that was getting (if im going to be honest) kind of a bit dull 😆

  4. Sometime my own login is gone when login in (i think someone else has tried to login; maybe he or she could leave some dôughnuts?) and i accidently login in as ‘ unidentified’ in a level 1 new game. It is rather hard to get out of this. So could EA please make a logout knob or does anybody know how to login anwe quickly? For it takes a whole lot of fusing starting and restarting again and waiting, for if you restart too fast it takes the game logs of former game directly.

  5. I know this is besides the point, but it is annoying me for some time. In contrary to the castles theme; though not highly exciting i am also not yet tired of it ( which i was of some former episodes rather quickly) . Like the limited use of nerds which forces you to visit friends towns regurarly, clever. Also like the new items, mill, quillotine etc. Which give more goals to keep playing. And the building of the castles in stages. And the chance to see other towns than only your friends’ . And the level 44 Honest etc. directly following. Nice episode 😀.

  6. This may sound crazy, but has anyone notice if the helter shelter building has become smaller? It’s not my imagination, I have placed it between two other buildings, and now there is a space between the helter shelter and one of the buildings. I’ve visited my friends’ towns and their helters are smaller too. I noticed it yesterday, can it be because of the update? Has anyone noticed the same? I know it sounds so stupid xD Anyway, thanks if someone replies.

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