Elixir Wednesday Is Now Elixir Weekend


After a small in-game update earlier this week, EA have removed the option of buying Elixir on Wednesday’s only and have changed it to only being able to buy it on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Personally, I don’t understand why they’re limiting it in the first place but hey, it’s EA so who knows!


14 thoughts on “Elixir Wednesday Is Now Elixir Weekend

  1. I love this event! It will be the first one for me to collect all ten prizes
    (Jus hadn’t enough goo for the gingerbread house, I don’t know what christmas brought as a tenth prize, but I didn’t have enough, and I didn’t have enough emblems( missed 100 or so) for satan’s anvil)

  2. how do you get so much gold? I read somewhere that if you defend your houses you get whatever amount of gold the attacker would have received, double. But whenever I defend my houses, I get only five gold, even if I defend it right away. Is the double gold only for when you defend castles?

    • When you attack, only use one nerd per building (and prefer castles). Castles give you more points, regardless of whether you win or lose, and with one nerd per building, you’ll get at least one gold per building attacked (more if you win). Racks up pretty quickly.

  3. What I want to know is..

    ..Now that I’ve completed the event…
    ● What am I playing for all this elixir and gold for…??!
    ● What is the use of it if in game $ and doughnuts are the only way of buying things.. There are only so many bales of hay etc. that I need!!?

    Help me please!? (Kindly appreciated) 😊

    • I have the same issue. I’ve nearly 150k potions and am close to 100k gold (which I can use to upgrade my Barbarian Homer, but that’s it). I have an extensive castle compound with tents and trebuchets and wagons of hay, but there’s only so many Medieval Banners I can buy. Will they turn into money or doughnuts at the end?

      • I should rephrase: Have special currencies (like Stonecutter medallions) turned into money or doughnuts at the ends of their respective events?

    • They added one strip of land at the beginning of the update which is purchasable now. They also added 15 additional strips that are unable to be purchased at this time. They did however change the coding for the land so it looks like they will be adding land more frequently then they have been in the past.

      • I didn’t get any extra land, you did? Very disappointing if this is so.
        It will surely help me though

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