The Level 45 Characters

Level 45 came with two characters. Both of which players have been requesting for a long time. They are…

Artie Ziff (FREEMIUM)

You can’t spell party without misspelling Artie!


Don’t make me run, I’m full of chocolate!


10 thoughts on “The Level 45 Characters

  1. Ok, so i wonder if it’s just me who got this bugg…
    I bought Artis “statue” yesterday and started the missons. Now he’s gone and well I’ve placed a ticket and wating for response from EA. And i was looking forward to have something to do…

  2. Does Uter say anything, or is he one of the “silent” characters? The only way I’d consider getting him is if he had some phrases of dialog.

  3. This has nothing really to do with the addition of a good character, but do anybody else want to virtually punch Artie in the face at the thought of his despicable nature?

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