Level 45 Level Guide Now Available!

The level 45 level guide has been fully compiled and published. Much like the previous guides, all relevant information can be found on that page, including both the freemium and premium walkthrough. To view the guide, simply click HERE or go to the Level Guides page and make your selection from there.

As for the missing level guides in between, I am working on those and hope to have them ready very soon!


4 thoughts on “Level 45 Level Guide Now Available!

  1. The two new levels are great. I am really happy to get Akira, Uter Zorker and Artie Ziff but what I am really waiting for is the Halloween update. I hope this years Halloween event will be a good one with lots of kitschy decorations.

    • Yeah, family guy tqfs already started something halloween-ish, so I hope after the (awesome) medival event we’re hedding straight into an halloween event. Something with skeletons to squash and collecting bones as a currency would be awesome!

      • Really? I didn’t get a update for tqfs.
        Squashing skeletons would be awesome. I would love to get a ware wolf Flanders. Maybe lunch lady Doris could cook up some children in the cafeteria or axe murdering Willie?

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