Have You Finished ‘Medieval Times’ Yet?

There’s just under two weeks left of Medieval Times. When it was released, it looked as if it would take almost all of the available time to get the prizes but as I discovered over a week ago, it clearly doesn’t. I’ve managed to get all of the prizes and accumulated an insane amount of cold and elixir. Right now, I’m sitting on just over 200,000 gold and about 100,000 elixir.

I’ve even stopped attacking and defending because there’s nothing for me to spend my loot on. My question to you is, have you finished the event? Are you ready for it to end? I know I am because I’m really looking forward to Halloween, it’s always the best event of the year for Tapped Out.

Side Note: I also expect to see a return of the Episode Tie-In updates given that the new season begins this weekend on FOX!


22 thoughts on “Have You Finished ‘Medieval Times’ Yet?

  1. I finished all prizes one or two weeks ago, and stopped attacking other towns since then. As you said, there is nothig to spend your elixir on once you built your castle and bought all the stuff that’s available for elixir.
    Unfortunately you cannot gain free doughnuts after winning all prizes. That would have caused me to continue attacking, but this way it doesn’t make any sense.
    Also, a community prize would have been nice. At least they removed random prizes which have been a pain in valentines and easter events.
    Looking forward to Helloween!

  2. I so can’t wait for the next event or any update really . I’ve only just got the hungry hun and uter as i had no money for donuts untill today so i’m on his quest right now ( part 3 ) but after that i will have nothing left to do . Still attacking and defending and just upgadeing the castles ( all are on level 21 ) i’ve even redesighned my town a bit .

  3. I still havent finished. Its taking me much longer to complete since hardly any of my neighbours pays me a visit to attack. It would be nice to have neighbours that claim they play but clearly dont

    • In fact you don’t need any neighbours to complete the event. Just use the random attack button on the top right corner and atack random cities. Send one nerd per building only. This way you will get insane amounts of gold and elixir.
      Use your spare dices to nuke random enemy castles as they give more gold than normal buildings.
      Do not attack friend cities. The houses and castles award way less gold than random cities. And random cities are more likely to be less played, so there is a good chance to destroy houses even if you send just one nerd.
      Good luck 🙂

  4. Yeah i finished it a few weeks back also but i’m still giving the odd noob a hand…. getting a bit bored of it now though….

  5. I’m on track to finish by the time the event ends. It hasn’t been my favorite event, so I only play once or twice a day. I still make sure to visit other neighborhoods though. I know how frustrating it can be when others have finished an event and stop playing, leaving you to fend for yourself.

  6. No havent finished, still need to get the gold. However, there is a update right now and my ipad cannot download it anymore. Please make some space free, it says. Had the problem already last times but could still delete some items on the pad. This is no longer possible. I really cannot really delete apps which i really use and also have paid for. I have a 16 gb ipad of which 1,9 gb is free now. That seems not to be enough. So … I am afraid springfield ends here for me.
    Does anyone know a solution ? Or could EA perhaps make the game a bit smaller?
    Thx, will

    • Had some similar problems on my android phone. Apparently the system is using a separate memory space to store basic app data. Try to remove temporary data that apps sometimes store, this worked for me.

    • Me too. I am not getting to amount of gold I should be getting. I finished the tasks and I keep raiding but I am not generating the amount of gold I should be getting. X-(

      • You get way more gold and elixir for attacking random towns. If you attack friend towns you get way less. Send only one nerd to attack each building. Better success rate if you attack weaker towns that have 10-16 hour attack times.

  7. Haven’t reached the catapult yet so don’t think ill get the last one. The gold is taking forever to get.
    Hasn’t been my fav either….oh well can’t have it all.

  8. Finished it a couple of weeks ago so now seems rather pointless. Only so many windmills etc. you can collect! Looking forward to next event.

  9. I saw through this event from the start, it’s just stupid. Plain and simple. There is no reason to finish it as the rewards are poor as well. EA should just end it now, give some folks some donuts and move on to what we all love, the Halloween event.

  10. what happens to the additional gold and goo ? does it just vanish like halloween, or is there a “credit” of some sort for it ?

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