New Episode Tie-In!

The first episode tie-in of the season is upon us! For this update we received, as far as I know, a new skin for Krusty as well as his mansion. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet but I will post more info and a walkthrough as soon as I can!


One thought on “New Episode Tie-In!

  1. And Here it is:

    Krusty: I’m getting roasted this weekend. You know you’ve made it when a cable TV channel underpays strangers to insult you.

    Sideshow Mel: You must be thrilled. It’s a huge honor.

    Krusty: No, a huge honor was the fat judge i saw after my DUI.

    Krusty: Is that a joke I don’t know anymore unless the audience *LAUGH* sign lights up.

    Krusty: I Gotta get a tux. My old one ripped when I wore it for that “black tie kwon do” skit. It was funny until it got racist

    New Task1: Make Krusty Rent a Tux Online (12 Hours)
    New Task2: Make Sideshow Mel Help Krusty Order Online (12 Hours)

    New Item: Tuxedo Krusty at completion of tasks.

    Tuxedo Krusty: This tux ain’t bad. I haven’t worn one since my 4th wedding.

    Sideshow Mel: I remember. Wonderful girl.

    Tuxedo Krusty: If it was a wonderful girl, it wasn’t my 4th wife. She tazed me on the honeymoon.

    Sideshow Mel: I remember that too. You ended up in a Caribbean hospital.

    Tuxedo Krusty: Which is where I met my 5th and 6th wives. That was a crazy week.

    New Task: Make Tuxedo Krusty Strut Around Town (12 Hours)

    Tuxedo Krusty: I’m really turning heads in this tux. Now when i see why Mr. Peanut dresses the way he does.

    Sideshow Mel: It does suit you. Going for the “gentleman’s girdle” was clearly the right decision.

    Tuxedo Krusty: Yeah, except now my junk is stuffed tighter than a Tokyo subway car.

    Tuxedo Krusty: It’s time for me to cash in on looking half-decent…

    Tuxedo Krusty: …just like all my ex-wives did by marrying and divorcing me.

    New Task1: Make Tuxedo Krusty Get a Free Drink (4 Hours)

    Tuxedo Krusty: Yeah, as you can see, I’m pretty well off. So… What’s free

    New Task2: Make Sideshow Mel “Ride Krusty’s Coattails” (4 Hours)

    Apu: The Kwik-E-Mart corporation offers nothing for free. Even the employee bathroom is a pay toilet.

    Tuxedo Krusty: You can’t say no to rich guys. That’s how America works!

    Sideshow Mel: Krusty, just because you’re wearing a tuxedo doesn’t give you a free pass to act like this.

    Tuxedo Krusty: Great, another free thing i don’t get.

    New Task: Make Tuxedo Krusty Demand Free Service (8 Hours)

    Tuxedo Krusty: I’m looking good. I’ve stolen good jokes. It’s an open bar — this night is lining up perfectly.

    Tuxedo Krusty: And for a show stopper, I have a tiny clown hiding in my pants.

    Tuxedo Krusty: It’s bad for him, but still better than his life in the country he escaped from.

    Tuxedo Krusty: As long as there’s developing countries, I’ll have pants clowns. God bless you, global economy!

    New Task: Make Tuxedo Krusty Rehearse with Mini-Ha-Ha (24 Hours)

    Complete: Tune in this Sunday to see how things go for Krusty. Spoler alter – the day after Sunday will be Monday!

    New Premium Item: Krusty’s Mansion (115 Donuts)

    New Task: Make Krusty Relax Like a One Percenter (6 Hours)

    Sideshow Mel: With Krusty’s constant pea-cocking, there’s no room for advancement for all us other performers!

    Sideshow Mel: I’m tired of being a “Z list” celebrity. I yearn for a vowel-list, and it needn’t be an “A”.

    Sideshow Mel: How hard can it be? All Krusty does is tell jokes then play laughter pre-recorded by prisoners.

    Sideshow Mel: I know! I’ll write jokes of my own. They’ll be urbane and wry – that’s what people look for in their comedy!

    New Task: Make sideshow Mel Refine His Material (12 Hours)

    Sideshow Mel: Krusty’s tux-fueled hubris is sure to lead to his downfall.

    Sideshow Mel: So tonight, I’ll rise from Krusty’s failure like a Phoenix.

    Sideshow Mel: That bird, not the city…

    Sideshow Mel: …definitely not the city.

    Sideshow Mel: I can’t seem to find my invitation. I swear I’d lose my bone if it wasn’t expensively glued to my scalp.

    New Task: Make Sideshow Mel Search for his Invitation (12 Hours)

    Sideshow Mel: The invitation never arrived.

    Sideshow Mel: You call one network executive an idiot, and they take away your sitcom and blackball you for life.

    Sideshow Mel: I’ll show them. They may be able to keep me from taking the podium, but they can’t keep me out of the building.

    Sideshow Mel: By the time anyone realizes I’ve signed on as Krusty’s “plus one”, it will be to late!

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