Small Spoiler In The Files

spAnser has been checking the files and found a small little spoiler in the files in the form of an unused date with a name. Here’s what it says;

Matt Groening Tie In Release Date (October 29th)

What do you think this means? Could we be getting Matt Groening himself as a character? Share your thoughts below!


3 thoughts on “Small Spoiler In The Files

  1. Have you had any trouble getting into the game today? It worked fine for me today, but I turned off my iPad earlier and turned it back on and it doesn’t seem to work now. It just sits on synchronizing for a while and then says can’t connect to server, and the same thing happens if I press retry. I’ve tried disconnecting from wifi, restarting iPad, closing out of the app and restarting, even waited a few hours to make sure it wasn’t a one time issue. Still not working.

  2. I wonder if Matt Groening will be a special Halloween prize? I can’t wait for the Halloween event to start. As soon as October starts I am going to decorate my town with Halloween kitsch.

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