It’s A Simpsons Extravaganza!

Tonight marks the return of everyones favourite cartoon family. Tonight at 8/7c on FOX, “Clown in the Dumps”. In tonight’s episode, Krusty decides to retire after a failed comedy roast in his honour. Not only that, but a beloved character is also set to ‘bite the dust’ by the time the credits roll. Not very much is known about who will die, except that the person who voices this character won an Emmy for voicing this character. That’s not much help either as I believe the Simpsons have won something like 30 Emmys.

Then, later tonight the Simpsons will make a guest appearance in the special hour long season premiere of Family Guy.

So as you can see, we Simpsons fans are in for quite a treat tonight! I’ll have all the info on here tomorrow for those of you outside of the US. Have a great Sunday guys!


7 thoughts on “It’s A Simpsons Extravaganza!

  1. Oh. At first I thought it’d be Sideshow Bob because 1. He he isn’t an actual character in the game, and it would be easy to remove him. 2. Krusty would be in the dumps from his former sideshow’s death, but now I that there’s a synopsis I have second thoughts

  2. I still beleve( and I hope I’m wrong!) that grampa dies, and that this hasn’t even been metioned in the episode tie-in, just to keep it interesting. What I also think is that the dieing character gets a new costume being a ghost (halloween story 2014 found, anyone…)

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