Your Thoughts On Last Nights Simpsons Extravaganza?

Last night FOX went into Simpsons overdrive and aired the Simpsons season 26 premiere and the hour long season 13 premiere of Family Guy in which the Griffins descended upon Springfield.

In the season premiere a beloved Simpsons character bit the dust. In the interest of not spoiling the character death for people who have not yet seen the episode, I have named the character below the spoiler warning. Also, the comments are likely to be filled with spoilers so, read ahead at your own risk!


The character to die in last nights season 26 premiere of The Simpsons was… Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky!


5 thoughts on “Your Thoughts On Last Nights Simpsons Extravaganza?

  1. Oke is it just me or is this character not that famous at all! I’ve seen many episodes of the simpsons and have never heard of this guy (meaning all my favourites stay 🙂

  2. Seriously, 5 min and bam he is dead…. then technically killed Krusty but had him come back to life. With all the hype on the show it should have been more suspense. I figured it was the Rabbi after the tie-in update, it was the logical choice.

  3. i kinda wished they wouldn’t make a big deal out of it when its the least known of the bunch. i think its fair to say that most people know the others on the picture but never heard of krusty’s dad or just saw him in one episode.

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