New Update – Shadow Knight!

EA have released a new update featuring a package deal. The deal, which features a Shadow Knight skin for Bart and a throne, has never been offered before. This is completely new content. The one thing that players might not like is that this package is PREMIUM. There is no cash content.

The Price? 200 Doughnuts! I personally think that’s quite a hefty price tag especially considering Halloween is just a few days away. I will still buy it (for the walkthrough post) but if your tight on doughnuts and would prefer something better, wait for Halloween you’re almost guaranteed some amazing content!

Walkthrough to follow soon…


15 thoughts on “New Update – Shadow Knight!

  1. Can you tell me please has anyone else noticed wrong counting of gold coins since this up date? I’m on 36233 trying desperately to get the remaining prize but each time I collect my nerd winnings it adds less than it says I won. Worried I might not reach the target in time because of this 😦

  2. I wanted to only see what it would look like and not buy it but it automatically put it in my inventory. My donut spend option is activated but it never asked me if I was sure I wanted to buy it. Now I’m 200 donuts less and am stuck with this piece of crap lame-o throne and skin. I hope there’s a Gil donut special soon. Very upset about it.

  3. The whole quest line is very short considering it’s a 200 donut skin…. A bit disappointed I most say… However the skin is pretty cool!

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