How To Prepare For An Event

With another event just around the corner, I feel now is the right time to give you a little advise in regards to event preparation.

The most important part of every event is ensuring that you’re friend list is full. By that, I of course mean that it is full of neighbours who still play the game and login regularly. If you’re in need of some new friends, why not visit our ‘Find Friends’ page and you’re friends list will be full of active players in no time!

In game cash is something that you’ll likely need a lot of. The cash will be used to purchase whatever freemium buildings and decorations EA decide to give us this year. For long time players such as myself, this won’t be an issue as we generally have a large cash reserve that will keep us going for quite some time. For newer players, I recommend setting your characters on tasks. The length of the tasks you’re characters are on really depend of you. In order to get the most out of it, you should be setting them on tasks that last about as long as, say, between the time you start work and you’re lunch break. This ensures that you earn the maximum amount of cash.

Land is important but not essential to completing the event. Land is really on required to ensure that you have somewhere to actually put the new content that we’ll receive.

With every new event come new premium content. If you want to purchase the new premium goodies you’ll want to ensure that you have enough doughnuts to sustain you. I’d suggest that you shop around for some App Store, Google Play or Amazon gift cards, you never know, you might find them on sale somewhere!

Hopefully this will help you prepare for Halloween 2014. If the previous two were anything to go by, this is going to be awesome!


5 thoughts on “How To Prepare For An Event

  1. I have been ready for weeks. I have already decorated my town with last years Halloween kitsch and I have a good supply of doughnuts. I will go through my friends tonight and root out the non players. I can’t wait for the Halloween event to start!!! Fingers crossed for some awesome new playable characters.

  2. One more thing: if you can afford it, leave the early game characters like Home, Lisa, Apu, Flanders, Cletus and Krusty without long term tasks. These usually start off the new event, so make sure these are free and not on some 24h task. Especially Homer and Lisa are important since you cannot stop their tasks by putting them into your inventory.
    This can save you some precious time (if it is not a medieval event that can be finished in half the time it lasts 🙂 ).

  3. BJ’s sells iTunes gift cards for a few dollars cheaper then their face value – then sometimes offers a $5 off coupon for them. I also have a few spaces open on my friends list for people who play everyday.

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